10 Steps to Sell More on Bettingrunner

Improve your Tipster profile and sell more on Bettingrunner

Have you ever thought you could earn real money from your betting tips (without cheating or tricking people)? If yes, you’re in the right place because on Bettingrunner you can write your betting predictions and make money selling subscriptions to people all over the world!

Earn money with bettingrunner

Bettingrunner wants to help you build a gold mine with your betting predictions and to start your Tipster Career at best. Top Sellers Tipsters on Bettingrunner earn around € 1000 thanks to their subscriptions purchased! You can become a Top Seller Tipster thanks to our guide. So, register for free on Bettingrunner, follow these simple steps and sell more subscriptions!


1. Starting point, how to sell a prediction

I want to be sure that you have a clear idea of how to sell a prediction. When you register for the first time on Bettingrunner you are not able to sell your picks immediately. This is why you have to complete your tipster profile properly before to add a new betting tips. You can not insert a new betting prediction until you have not completed your tipster profile. Want to know how to set up your profile to attract more buyer? See here!


The first day you insert a new betting tips the button FOR SALE is disabled. The rule is, to start selling your subscriptions you have to write at least one Free betting tip and the results must be checked won or lose by the Bettingrunner system. Without this step you are not classified as a tipster to sell tips. See the picture below:

10 steps sell more bettingrunner

When you have been classified by the Bettingrunner system your profile appears in the Tipster Ranking, then you can start writing your bet tips and to put them on sale. To partecipate to the rank you have follow these easy steps to fill your tip coupon:

  • Click on NEW TIPS on the dropdown menu in the top right corner.
  • Choose the sport, event & match you want to predict.
  • Select the odds best suitable for that match
  • Set the (virtual) amount you want to bet for the betting tips and click on CONTINUE.
  • Fill all the sections in the prediction form: TITLE, LANGUAGE and CONFIDENT.
  • In this page, set Display on Market: FOR SALE
  • You can choose to write a Speedy Betting Tips or a descriptive betting tip.
  • Finally, click on SAVE TIPS

Attention! Speedy Betting Tips are not visible on the TIP STORE, so if you write only Speedy Betting Tips, nobody will see your predictions on Tip Store. They will be visible only on your tipster profile. This might be a risk if you want to attract more buyers for your tips. Adding the description to betting tips is highly recommended, especially if you want to have more visibility. Write a betting analysis increases by 150% the opportunity to appear on the TIP STORE and sell one or more subscriptions.


2. The profile photo

Have you ever put a LIKE on a Facebook fanpage that had a bad profile image, or even did not have one? I guess not! Then, maybe you should start thinking about your profile photo on Bettingrunner is a part of the business card that any potential customer look when he decide to buy a subscription.

Put a real face in your photo profile improve nearly 55% your sales.

Bettingrunner sell more

NEW – Bettingrunner now provides a new service to tipsters. Send us your photo (you can contact with attached photo or Bettingrunner Facebook Fanpage) and we will create your professional tipster profile picture! The photo you send must be:

  • In color
  • Good resolution (500×300 minimum)
  • Not be a cut down version of a larger picture
  • Be facing forward and looking straight at the camera
  • Smiling :)

More professional, more chance to sell subscriptions! They have already done. What are you waiting for?

10 steps to sell more Bettingrunner

You can also upload a photo of your page / group / company profile to promote your own tipster career! The more serious is  your profile photo, the more your profile is professional and you be able to attract customers. If your profile tipster is still without photo, go to your profile setting page on Bettingrunner and fill it out.

⚠ Community Rule – All profiles that doesn’t meet the standards of the Bettingrunner Tipsters Community will be deleted by Admins and all earnings will not be paid. Please read Bettingrunner Community Rules before to be blocked! The profiles not accepted are those that contain forbidden content:

  • forbidden images/words (obscene or abusive)
  • copied images/text from other tipsters
  • automatically repeated words (keyword stuffing)
  • commercial messages (subject to the approval of the Bettingrunner Team)


3. Your Profile description

Insert a good description on your Bettingrunner profile because buyers want to know who you are and how experienced you are as a tipster. And yes, a good profile description makes the difference! You could use this space to enter your expertise for the users, but remember, do not use SPAM text, do not use nonsense sentences and don’t write fake promises: this is the best way to scare away your customers by showing your level of maturity. Be professional!

10 steps sell more bettingrunner

⚠ Community Rule – Moreover Bettingrunner Admins will decide at their discretion to block the payment of your earnings if your description will not have a positive rate or it not follow the rules of the Bettingrunner Tipsters Community. Please read Bettingrunner Community Rules before to be blocked!


4. The Title of your prediction

Write a catchy title for your prediction and DON’T USE SPAM text (yes, again). The prediction title on Bettingrunner is a basic step to give useful information to your future customers in order for them to view your betting tips. So it is quite useless to write in the title of all your betting tips “winning pick“, “winning pick“, “winning pick” when you will lose a prediction sooner or later (maybe more than one)!

tipster career

Writing “winning pick” on the title doesn’t convince buyers that you are a good tipster, but actually winning your tips will! It’s more useful to write some information that captures the attention of potential customers directly, such as the name of the tournament (Premier League, Champions League) or the match (Manchester UTD vs Arsenal, Barcelona vs Real Madrid, etc.) or else, write some good keywords as “prediction” or similar.

⚠ Community Rule – Moreover the Bettingrunner Admins will decide at their discretion to block the payment of your earnings if the title of your predictions contains SPAM text or it not follow the rules of the Bettingrunner Tipsters Community. Please read Bettingrunner Community Rules before to be blocked!


5. The description of your prediction (or bet analysis)

The description of your betting tip is the final step to persuade your potential customers that you are an expert tipster and he could not find anyone better! Then write something about your pick, for example why you have selected that odd. Writing an excellent analysis of the match show your betting expertise. You can show how much you know about the sport, the teams that will play, you can give information that others don’t know.

Now you are thinking “If I write here my choice for this bet prediction everyone will read it and no one will buy my subscription!”. This is incorrect and now I explain the reason: to write your analysis you must enter a minimum of 200 characters, but only 100 words will be visible to the user (there are very few). Users will not see all the content you’ll write, so use the space not visible to insert secret informations you don’t want to make known to your client. In the first part of the text instead make a brief introduction on sport event you have chosen. Maybe you can explain why you’re so expert on this game!

10 steps sell more bettingrunner

This gives confidence to the buyers when they read your prediction and they will clicks on READ MORE to buy your tip! If you enhance the text by inserting some statistics, precedents, your own personal analysis or any other helpful details, you’ll be even more convincing and your chances of sales will grow potentially.

⚠ About Betting Tips without description (or Speedy Betting Tips). Speedy Betting Tips are not visible on the Tip Store, so if you write only Speedy Betting Tips, nobody will see your predictions on the Tip Store. They will be visible only on your tipster profile. This might be a risk if you want to attract more buyers for your tips. Adding the bet preview is highly recommended, especially if you want to have more visibility. Bettingrunner suggest to add some text description to the betting prediction. Writing a betting analysis increases by 150% the opportunity to appear on the Tip Store and sell one or more subscriptions.

Be detailed in your betting preview. Bettingrunner don’t accepts descriptions that doesn’t meet the requirements (SPAM text, short previews, bad language, not much betting/sport information). Write for yourself (thinking to sell your product). Don’t copy other tipsters because it’s the best thing to be banned from the Community. Your personal prediction and authenticity is what counts for us and specially for potential buyers. Please read Bettingrunner Community Rules before to be blocked!

6. Pay attention to the Tipster Ranking

Not only monthly tipster ranking (profit or yield) is important on Bettingrunner. Take a look also on VERIFIED TIPSTERS and HOT TIPSTERS ranking. Users check these ranks looking for the best tipsters at the time. On Verified Tipsters ranking there is all the certificated tipsters that comply some standards. See here how to become Verified Tipster.


Take care of Popular Tipster Ranking also. More followers you have, the better for your revenues. So invest few time to gain more followers and invite your friends/networks to click follow on your profile! You have 30% more possibility to be checked by users if you stay in the popular ranking and users are attracted by the most popular and famous tipster of Bettingrunner community.

7. Post Multiple Predictions

People love accumulators, big multipliers and something similar. It is something they can not resist. I’m not telling you to be a different tipster than you are, but buyers are more likely to prefer the multiple predictions because they have more chances to win big with little money and this excites them! Obviously this should not lead you to lose your picks. Post a multiple bet only once in a while and make it special for your customers. 

Be careful! Want to play a multiple or accumulators? Do not exceed 4 games! Miss a cash win for just one game is something that no one likes. Our advice is to play a few events so as to reduce the unwelcome surprises and maintain a good multiplier.
The right number? The Multiple 4 events allow you to have a good multiplier and a few surprises! This is extremely important to be active with your betting trend and this will attract more customers for you!

8. Climb the Tipster Levels

Ever heard the saying “Good things will bring you good luck“? This is the same logic of Bettingrunner Tipster Levels: more you increase your level and more you gain from the sale of subscriptions. Furthermore a user on Bettingrunner is much more encouraged to trust a SENIOR tipster rather than a HIGHER tipster. So try your best to increase your level!

Remember that, profile photo and description on your profile are needed to acquire the level. See HERE what The Tipster Levels are and which benefits they will bring to you!

Bettingrunner levels

⚠ Attention! The level update is every 1st of the month. The valid statistics to count the levels are on monthly bases. This means that a tipster gains a new level only if it reaches the sufficient number of followers, predictions, subscriptions, in the space of a month. If the tipster does not reach the required target, he loses the level. Every month, new count. So keep it up!


9. Use your Social Networks

Up to here I have explained what you can do to boost your profile on Bettingrunner. But you can do some further actions really impressive for your earnings! If you have a Facebook group/fanpage/profile, a Twitter, Instagram or G+ account, you can connect them to your Bettingrunner profile (view on your settings profile page) and share your betting tips with your friends or with social networks users.

Moreover this gives you the opportunity to become Verified Tipster! – See here how to become Verified Tipster

Remember that we live in the era of social networks, and many people are connected to each other through social networks! How to enter SOCIAL BACKLINKS:

  • Open the dropdown menu on the upper-right side
  • Select SETTINGS

earn money from subscriptions

  • Fill in the fields, copy and past the links of your social accounts

10 steps sell more bettingrunner

⚠ Community Rule – Social backlinks with errors, wrong or ownerless will be removed by will be deleted by Admins and all certifications will be removed.


10. Bettingrunner Community is like a family

Don’t feel lonely, stay connected with Bettingrunner community! The platform provides monthly benefits for users, such as special offerstipster competitions, promotions for best tipsters, special prizes for buyers. If you interact with the community and reply to the messages (or email) that Bettingrunner sends, you can stay updated about earning potential and new opportunities for sell more subscriptions!

Share with all Bettingrunner Members your winning betting tips. Send your screenshots or messages when you want to be published on Bettingrunner Facebook Fanpage. We will be happy to share all your successes!

Now that you know all the most important actions to sell your picks, you must immediately put them in to practice. Don’t wait, start now to write your predictions. Choose your event, place your winning game and challenge the tipsters of the ranking.

Earn money from subscriptions

FAQ – Frequently asked questions for Bettingrunner Tipsters

1. Why sometimes I see “Unable to calculate a bet with this event” when I make a new tip?

This happens when you select two or more events for which there is not a bookmaker that has the best odds. Our system is structured to look for the best odds of the events you select but not always all bookmakers have an odd for the event you have chosen. Try selecting the event in a single betting prediction.

2. When I will receive the earnings from my subscriptions?

Bettingrunner usually send the payments to the tipsters within the second week of the month.
The payment includes all the earnings for a month if they reached the minimum available.

3. It is necessary to enter all the data of my seller account?

Having the Seller Account full filled and updated is crucial in order to receive payments from Bettingrunner. If you have a Paypal account insert the email of your Paypal account. Your earnings will be sent to this account. In this case it is not necessary even to enter your bank details. If you do not have a Paypal account and you can not create one for free, enter your bank details. Remember, Bettingrunner send bank transfers only for payment over € 100.

4. I sold a subscription of € 0.99 but I see a different amount in my account.

Bettingrunner tipsters receive 70% of revenue share on the price of each subscription sold. At this price you have to subtract the fees for payment transfer (typically € 0.40 cents, but it depends on the subscription price). For more details write to

5. I reached the necessary statistics, but my tipster level has not changed, why?

The update of the tipster level occurs every first of the month. If you think there has been an error in the assignment of your level contact our team at

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