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Safe Basketball bet for today 30-03-2017

Here the bet selected for Safe Basket Bet:

30-03-2017 CET 20:45
Brose Baskets Bamberg – Darussafaka Cooper Tires
World – Euroleague

Odd: 1.91 with Betsson


Our friends of Bettingrunner Community WON thanks to this fantastic bet yesterday:

30-03-2017 CET 20:45
Brose Baskets Bamberg – Darussafaka Cooper Tires
World – Euroleague

Odd: 1.91 with Betsson

WINNING BET Bettingrunner checked button

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Safe basket bet

Basket Bet of the day, WHO is our Tipster

All bets selected for the Bettingrunner Safe Basketball Bet of the day are exclusively posted by our Tipster, Indianbet Billy. Indianbet is a veteran of bets from Greece. Mostly specialized in basketball betting tips. Indianbet Billy Tipster can boast a high hit rate and special experience in basket gambling that ensure a high success rate for the odds on the court, as evidenced by its page!


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safe basket bet

Safe Basket Bet system REPORT

Here is the full report for Bettingrunner Basketball prediction of the day so far. Check out odds, amounts and total won:

DateResultOddN. of EventsTOT Won
29/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80290.00 €
28/03/2017NO1.76 10
26/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.5011,498.50 €
23/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.57178.50 €
20/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.6711,668.33 €
19/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.1332,127.87 €
18/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.851925.00 €
17/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.63181.50 €
16/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.50175.00 €
14/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.311131.00 €
13/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.59279.50 €
12/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.69184.50 €
09/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.1921,314.00 €
07/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.702850.00 €
05/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.651990.00 €
02/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.7021,698.30 €
01/03/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.8611,858.14 €
26/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.862558.00 €
25/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.7311,384.00 €
24/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.5411,538.46 €
22/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.8511,295.00 €
21/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.8011,080.00 €
20/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.441720.00 €
18/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.901725.00 €
16/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.762880.00 €
15/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.9011,898.10 €
14/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.801900.00 €
13/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.7311,728.27 €
11/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.8811,878.12 €
09/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.6121,608.39 €
07/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.901380.00 €
05/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.6211,618.38 €
05/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.7621,758.24 €
03/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.1622,157.84 €
01/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.9011,898.10 €
01/02/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.5011,498.50 €
30/01/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.7011,698.30 €
30/01/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.4011,398.60 €

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