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NEW Safe Tennis Bet for today 17-08-2017

Safe Tennis Bet of the Day

Here the tennis SINGLE bet selected for the Safe Tennis Bet of today 17-08-2017:

18-08-2017 CET 01:00
Nadal, Rafael – Ramos-Vinolas, Albert
ATP – Cincinnati

ODD: 1.08 with *

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*The odd refers to the time it was selected by the tipster. The time referring is +2GMT (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm)
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How the safe Tennis Tip of the Day works

Every day Bettingrunner provides you a safe tennis bet of the day with guaranteed tennis odds. This is the reason why is one of the best tennis predictions site. The tennis bet tip above is the  best tennis pick selected for today.

You will see free tennis tips or VIP tennis tips (private bets only for Bettingrunner VIP Members). If you follow these tennis selection in the long time, you will get a good profit return and high tennis odds stakes. The safe Tennis Bet of the Day will give you a great help with your tennis bet coupons.

You will also find the tennis bet of the day and more free tennis tips in the Bettingrunner Tip Store, choosing the Tennis category. You will find all the best tennis betting tips published by the world’s Top Tennis Tipsters on a daily basis for all the ATP and WTA tournaments.

Every day we’ll give you our free tennis betting tips or a VIP tennis previews with high multiplier odd stake. High success rate, analyzed events, 100% tennis bet accuracy guaranteed with the most talented tennis tipsters. Read the mini-guide which you find below the article, if you need more info on Safe Tennis Bet of the day or contact .

Our friends of Bettingrunner Community WON thanks to this fantastic tennis prediction:

16-08-2017 CET 18:15
Mitchell Krueger – Del Potro, Juan Martin
ATP – Cincinnati

ODD: 1.11 with Coral *

100% WINNING BET Bettingrunner checked button

*The odd refers to the time it was selected by the tipster. The time referring is +2GMT (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm)

The Safe Tennis Bet Dedicated Tipster

That’s right! Bettingrunner got a skilled tipster fully dedicated to tennis bets. And you will win with him! Our Certified Tipster aim to provide you the best tennis tip of the day to make you win a guaranteed profit every day. Van Claude Tipster is a trained insider of the tennis world and he will be always in the know about the latest news on ATP, WTA, Challenger tournaments. You will have access to quality bets and perfect analysis with this Tennis Expert.

Get the benefit to have a Tennis Expert 100% dedicated to you!

Would you like to have a personal tipster 100% at your disposal? No tricks! Check by your self all the Van Claude’s stats. Find out profit, reports, betting trend and return of the Bettingrunner Safe Tennis Bet of the day Expert Tipster!

Bettingrunner Safe Tennis Bet of the Day Expert Tipster

How to receive the STB of the day on your mobile every day

All bets selected for the Safe Tennis Bet of the day are exclusively posted by our Tennis Expert, Van Claude. In order to receive and have full access to his tennis betting tips you have to subscribe a package service to this tipster. You can start receiving his betting advice just confirming the subscription on his tipster profile page.

Follow these few steps to get the STB of the day package and all other betting service from our Tennis Expert Tipster:

  1. Go to the Tipster page (Click Here)
  2. Click the green button SUBSCRIBE
  3. Select the duration of your subscriptions (1 week, 1 month, etc.)
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⚠ Remember, when you subscribe to Van Claude Tipster, you will receive his exclusive selections for the Safe Tennis Bet of the day plus all his tennis betting tips that he releases on Tip Store. Safe Tennis Bet of the day is a subscription service included in the Van Claude’s subscription planHere below the Van Claude ’s subscription plan:

Subscription DurationPrice for this monthWhat you will receiveEstimated valueVIP Membership plan included
1 Week€ 4,49Min. 7 guaranteed tennis tips€ 12Bettingrunner checked button
1 Month€ 13,99Min. 30 guaranteed tennis tips€ 40Bettingrunner checked button
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Why to choose the STB Tipster package

Guaranteed Payment Bettingrunner

Bettingrunner is the number 1 marketplace for betting tips. Our betting service is protected by Paypal’s payment guarantee. Everytime you subscribe a Tipster from the Bettingrunner Community, your money is safe thanks to Paypal’s support policies in collaboration with Bettingrunner Customer Team. You can contact us if the service you requested has a bug. The Bettingrunner Support Team, Courtney and Sophia, will do their utmost to meet your needs.

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With Bettingrunner VIP Membership you can take advantage of Bettingrunner Guarantee Tools. These are instruments that protect our VIP Members from fraud or scammers. The Guarantee Tools for VIP Members are the refund of subscriptions or modification of subscriptions. Refund means that the subscription is fully returned to the VIP Member in the cases and timing previously specified. Modification of subscription means that VIP Members may request a changing for the timing of a subscription purchased or to change the tipsters depending on the need.

Bettingrunner is a Paypal Verified Company. All service delivered by Bettingrunner are covered by the payment guarancy. It means you will get refund if you don’t receive the service. No scammer on Bettingrunner – 100% Secure Payment and 100% Guaranted Service.

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Secure Payment Guarantee Bettingrunner

VIP Membership is valid up to one month after the last subscription. You can read all details in Terms and Conditions page HERE.

Web’s Best Tennis Tipsters Official Roster

All Bettingrunner Members like to view the most popular tipster tennis of the web by looking at the results of our tennis tips going for each tennis selection then comparing with the community betting odds.

Most of our Members like to find out the Most Performing Tennis Tipsters from the Bettingrunner Community. You will see the tipsters level, monthly profit, yield, hit rate and other stats by each of their tennis tips. Each VIP tennis tip will also come with analysis as we ask our tipsters to back up their tennis predictions with reasoning. That way we can understand why they think a selection is a good bet and we can learn from their strategies and selection processes.

Best Tennis Tipsters Roster

Best Tennis Predictions, which are the benefits

Bettingrunner helps you to find the best free tennis betting tips amongst our wide range of expert tennis tipsters. On every tennis match, you’ll find our Community Tipsters posting their tennis betting tips for you to take profit of.  Our guys are super organized to analyze, study then predict the best tennis games of the world season and this will help you earn money from your tennis betting. Stop losing with your bets!

ATTENTION – BTS, Safe Tennis Bet of the Day is not a subscription package of Bettingrunner Tipsters Community. It means you will not receive our daily selection via email if you subscribe one of the tipster mentioned for the Safe Tennis Bet of the Day.

✔ NO Scammers

✔ Daily REAL Service

✔ Trusted source from Verified Tipster

✔ Higher WINNING Rate

Tennis Pick of the Day Report day by day

Here is the full reports for Bettingrunner Safe Tennis Bet of the Day system so far. Bettingrunner want to be clear and transparent with users. This means that you will find the complete trend of the best tennis prediction. Check out odds and return:

16-08-2017Bettingrunner checked button1.11SINGLE 10 €€ 11,10
14-08-2017Bettingrunner checked button1.15SINGLE10 €€ 11,50
12/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.36SINGLE10 €€ 13,60
10/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.36SINGLE10 €€ 13,60
09/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.18SINGLE10 €€ 11,80
08/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.29SINGLE10 €€ 12,90
08/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.40SINGLE10 €€ 14
05/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.44SINGLE10 €€ 14.40
04/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.33SINGLE10 €€ 13,30
26/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.12SINGLE10 €€ 11,20
25/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.50SINGLE10 €€ 7,50
24/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.11SINGLE10 €€ 10,55
23/07/2017NO2.00SINGLE10 €0
22/07/2017NO1.79SINGLE10 €0
21/07/2017NO1.75SINGLE10 €0
20/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.73SINGLE10 €€ 17,3
19/07/2017NO2.77SINGLE10 €0
18/07/2017NO2.40ACCA10 €0
17/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.00SINGLE10 €0
16/07/2017NO1.91SINGLE10 €0
15/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80SINGLE10 €€ 18
14/07/2017NO1.80SINGLE10 €0
13/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.62SINGLE10 €€ 16,20
12/07/2017NO2.00SINGLE10 €0
11/07/2017NO1.80SINGLE10 €0
10/07/2017NO1.83SINGLE10 €0
08/07/2017NO2.10SINGLE10 €0
06/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button3.29ACCA 10 €€ 32,90
05/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.00SINGLE10 €€ 20
04/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.64ACCA 10 €€ 16,40
03/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.81ACCA 10 €€ 28,10
30/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.83SINGLE10 €€ 18,3
29/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.75SINGLE10 €€ 27,50
27/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.02ACCA10 €€ 20,20
26/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button3.84ACCA10 €€ 38,40
23/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.73SINGLE10 €€ 17,30
22/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80SINGLE10 €€18
21/06/2017NO1.62SINGLE10 €0
20/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.10SINGLE10 €€ 21
19/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.67SINGLE10 €€ 16,70
18/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.20SINGLE10 €€ 22
17/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.03SINGLE10 €€ 20,30
16/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.00SINGLE10 €€ 20
15/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.95SINGLE10 €€ 29,50

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This will help you improving your betting skills and strategy on tennis, in order to give you the right tip on tennis which are worth your sensible consideration.

Bettingrunner Team reserves a safe tennis bet tip every day. We select the safest tennis prediction of the day as you can get a sure profit from the bet. We select the safe tennis tip of the day from a large range of active tennis tipster od the Bettingrunner Community. All these tipsters are verified to give you the most professional service with our tennis bet.

Bettingrunner Tennis Tipsters

Gambling on Tennis is not a joke. You need the best professional tennis adviser to win your bets on tennis. Grand Slams and the major tournaments of ATP and WTA are the life blood of racquets fans, and Bettingrunner Community provide the best tennis betting tips on any kind of tennis tournament, from ITF games to Challengers around the world. With the coolest odds for your tennis betting coupon. Check out NOW!

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