10 Steps to Sell More on Bettingrunner

Start making money selling your betting tips

Have you ever thought you could earn real money from your betting tips (without cheating or tricking people)? If yes, you’re in the right place. On Bettingrunner you can post your betting predictions and get paid from people all over the world!

Sell your Betting tips on

Bettingrunner wants to help you build a gold mine with your betting predictions and to start your Tipster Career at best. Top Sellers Tipsters on Bettingrunner earn around € 1000 thanks to their subscriptions purchased! You can become a Top Seller Tipster thanks to our guide. So, register for free on Bettingrunner, follow these simple steps and sell more subscriptions!

Check out this synthetic infographic to understand the basics of a Tipster Career on You will see by yourself that sell your betting tips is very simple on Bettingrunner!

Sell Betting Tips on Bettingrunner

I’m a Tipster, how to get started?

To start your tipster career you need to follow these 6 simple steps:

  1. Upload your profile pic or photo
  2. Insert your tipster experience in the past or present, a brief presentation text
  3. Select your sports expertise (Football, Basketball, Tennis, etc.)
  4. Add new betting tips with your account (you must be logged in)
  5. Wait for cheking results
  6. Receive your revenues from your betting predictions

What are the steps to be get paid from selling betting tips?

Let’s start with the secrets of a great Tipster Career on Bettingrunner Community


1. Complete your Tipster Profile

When you register for the first time on Bettingrunner you have to complete your tipster profile before to add a new betting tips. You can not insert a new betting prediction until you have not completed your tipster profile. Want to know how to set up your profile to attract more buyer? See here!


2. Wait the updating of the results of your betting tips

Only the first day you insert a new betting tips the button FOR SALE is disabled. The rule is, to start selling your subscriptions you have to write at least one Free betting tip and the results must be checked won or lose by the Bettingrunner system. Without this step you are not classified as a tipster to sell tips.

See the picture below:

10 steps sell more bettingrunner

  • The 1st Day you registered at Bettingrunner you can release all the tips you want but you can not sell them
  • From the 2nd day you registered  you can post tips and sell

3. Add new betting tips – Step-by-step 

To participate to the rank you have to follow these easy steps to fill your tip coupon:

  • Click on NEW TIPS on the dropdown MENU in the top right corner.
  • Choose the sport, event & match you want to predict.
  • Select the best odds suitable for that match
  • Set the (virtual) amount you want to bet for the betting tips and click on CONTINUE.
  • Fill all the sections in the prediction form: TITLE, LANGUAGE and CONFIDENT.
  • In this page, set Display on Market: FOR SALE
  • You can choose to write a Speedy Betting Tips or a descriptive betting tip.
  • Finally, click on SAVE TIPS

Check out the video tutorial below to know more:


4. Pay attention to the Tipster Ranking

The ranking position is fundamental for tipsters on Bettingrunner. Our users check the tipsters’ positions in the Tipster Ranking daily. If you want to be a TOP Seller, you must reach TOP 5 or at least TOP 10 of the Tipster Ranking. Not only monthly tipster ranking is important on Bettingrunner. Take a look also on Verified Tipsters and Hot Tipsters Ranking. Users check these ranks looking for the best tipsters at the time. On Verified Tipsters ranking there is all the certificated tipsters that comply some standards. See here how to become Verified Tipster.


Take care of Popular Tipster Ranking also. More followers you have, the better for your revenues. So invest few time to gain more followers and invite your friends/networks to click follow on your profile! You have 30% more possibility to be checked by users if you stay in the popular ranking and users are attracted by the most popular and famous tipster of Bettingrunner community.


5. Climb the Tipster Levels

Best Tipsters on Bettingrunner receive upgrades of your selling price with the Tipster Levels. The more you increase your tipster level and the more you gain from the sale of betting tips. Furthermore a user on Bettingrunner is much more encouraged to trust a SENIOR tipster rather than a HIGHER tipster. So try your best to increase your level!

See HERE what The Tipster Levels are and which benefits they will bring to you!

Bettingrunner Tipster Levels


6. Use your Social Networks

You can do some further actions really impressive to increase your earnings on Bettingrunner. If you have a Facebook group / fanpage / profile, a Twitter, Instagram or G+ account, you can connect them to your Bettingrunner profile (view on your settings profile page) and share your betting tips with your friends or with social networks users.

Moreover this gives you the opportunity to become Verified Tipster! – See here how to become Verified Tipster Remember that we live in the era of social networks, and many people are connected to each other through social networks! How to enter SOCIAL BACKLINKS:

  • Open the dropdown menu on the upper-right side
  • Select SETTINGS

earn money from subscriptions

  • Fill in the fields, copy and past the links of your social accounts

10 steps sell more bettingrunner


7. Post Multiple Predictions (ACCAs)

People love accumulators, big multipliers and something similar. It is something they can not resist. I’m not telling you to be a different tipster than you are, but buyers are more likely to prefer big multiple predictions because they have more chances to win big money with little and this excites them! Attention! Obviously this must not lead you to lose your picks. Post a multiple bet only once in a while and make it special for your customers.


8. Tipsters Community is like a family

Stay connected with Bettingrunner community! The platform provides monthly benefits for users, such as special offers, tipster competitions, promotions for best tipsters, special prizes for buyers. If you interact with the community and reply to the messages (or email) that Bettingrunner sends, you can stay updated about earning potential and new opportunities for sell more subscriptions!

Share with all Bettingrunner Members your winning betting tips. Send your screenshots or messages when you want to be published on Bettingrunner Facebook Fanpage. We will be happy to share all your successes!


9 . Get the best benefits of staying on Bettingrunner

Sell your tips at

Get the best benefits of staying on Bettingrunner! Why to follow scammers people on the Social Networks? Bettingrunner is a safe platform. We give you the most complete earning guarantee if you respect our Community rules. You can ask to the other tipsters: all those who follow our tips they become TOP Sellers and start to earn money by selling their bets fast.

What’s special about Bettingrunner?

  • Bettingrunner gives you 70% of all membership revenue
  • Bettingrunner has the easiest tip entry system available – add tips in seconds
  • We will offer you a safe and solid platform to build your business with betting tips
  • Bettingrunner will find you the best odds for your bets from 35 bookmakers.
  • Bettingrunner will notify your customer when you release new tips
  • Bettingrunner will calculate your results and display them for the public to see.
  • Bettingrunner will give you visibility to hundreds of thousands of interested sports bettors.

Now that you know all the most important actions to sell your picks, you must immediately put them in to practice. Don’t wait, start now to write your predictions. Choose your event, place your winning game and challenge the tipsters of the ranking.


10. The final step

You need to know at Bettingrunner you are able to sell memberships (not exactly single betting tips). We refear membership as Tipster Subscription. That means users subscribe to you to receive betting tips from you for a set timing depending on what the customer chooses.

For different timing there are different prices and you will be paid based on the number of subscriptions sold. Generally we have 1 Week, 1 Month, 2 Months, 6 Months subscriptions. You can check our price table referred for all Tipster Levels HERE.


Frequently asked questions for Tipsters

1. Why sometimes I see “Unable to calculate a bet with this event” when I make a new tip?

This happens when you select two or more events for which there is not a bookmaker that has the best odds. Our system is structured to look for the best odds of the events you select but not always all bookmakers have an odd for the event you have chosen. Try selecting the event in a single betting prediction.

2. When I will receive the earnings from my subscriptions?

Bettingrunner usually send the payments to the tipsters within the second week of the month.
The payment includes all the earnings for a month if they reached the minimum available.

3. It is necessary to enter all the data of my seller account?

Having the Seller Account full filled and updated is crucial in order to receive payments from Bettingrunner. If you have a Paypal account insert the email of your Paypal account. Your earnings will be sent to this account. In this case it is not necessary even to enter your bank details. If you do not have a Paypal account and you can not create one for free, enter your bank details. Remember, Bettingrunner send bank transfers only for payment over € 100.

4. I sold a subscription of € 0.99 but I see a different amount in my account.

Bettingrunner tipsters receive 70% of revenue share on the price of each subscription sold. At this price you have to subtract the fees for payment transfer (typically € 0.40 cents, but it depends on the subscription price). For more details write to [email protected]

5. I reached the necessary statistics, but my tipster level has not changed, why?

The update of the tipster level occurs every first of the month. If you think there has been an error in the assignment of your level contact our team at [email protected]

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