Expert on Bettingrunner: How to Become in 5 Tips

Quick GUIDE to use

Do you want to become an Expert on Bettingrunner? Ok, then the only thing you need to do now is to follow this guide step by step. If you follow these you will:

✓ Have full knowledge of the Bettingrunner Tipsters Community

✓ Know how Bettingrunner marketplace works

✓ Know all Bettingrunner functions

1. Understand what Bettingrunner does for you

Bettingrunner is the best marketplace for sports betting in the world and this preview is fundamental to understand what Bettingrunner is. On Bettingrunner you can find the best betting tips written by professional tipsters around the world. Our online community of sports betting works very simply: through Bettingrunner, you can increase your rate of success and profit from sports betting predictions.Then on you’ll find:

  • People selling bet predictions or playing with their betting tips (sellers or tipsters)
  • People who are looking for professional tipsters or who want to have good betting tips from experts (buyers or customers)

Only on Bettingrunner – and in no other websites – you can sell or buy sports bet tips. Find the best betting odds on football, tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey and other sports events. If you are a football expert, if your passion is the one-to-one in tennis, if you follow every match of NHL, NBA, MLB, then you are the right person for Bettingrunner Community!

Thanks to the Tipsters Community, you can use different betting strategies, challenging the best punters around the world. Do not forget that Bettingrunner offers the best odds from major bookmakers compared in the world.  In addition to the odds comparator, you will find bonus offers of the main bookmaker of the betting market. If you are interested in starting your adventure with Bettingrunner, I suggest to read the page HOW IT WORKS. There, you’ll have the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions that will fix all doubts.

2. All you can do at Bettingrunner

On Bettingrunner you can sell the betting tips you write because of your expertise and your knowledge on sport. But not only! If you want to earn easily and safely you can subscribe to our professional tipsters. write for you and bet with competitive bookmakers odds. The Bettingrunner service is safe, nothing to do with the cheaters who are on Facebook and you can always compare the statistics of the tipsters to know their real performance.

See below a simple video tutorial on how to register your free account on!

In order to start your Bettingrunner experience need to register a free account that gives you access to the Tipsters Community. You can choose to write a prediction, buy a subscription to a tipster, vote a tipster from your favorites and even choose to follow their predictions to stay up to date. Also, Bettingrunner’s world goes beyond the website. In fact, you can choose to share on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), as well as challenge your friends in the Premier League matchdays on Sunday afternoons or Tuesday evening when playing the Champions League. So you can prove to them -and not only the tipster of the community- to be as strong in football betting picks. All thanks to your free personal account.

Open a new account it’s easy and FREE:

  • Click on REGISTER or START NOW in the HOMEPAGE
  • Enter properly USERNAME, EMAIL, and your COUNTRY then click on REGISTER

Remember, choose wisely your username because you can’t change it (you can change only your password). Then I suggest avoid to write spam text, stupid names, telephon numbers, etc!

You will receive an email from Courtney, our support assistant, with the confirmation link. This link is fundamental to activate your free profile. All you have to do is to click the LINK (or the green button inside the email, as in picture) and you’re done: you are part of the Bettingrunner Community! You can choose to open a new account directly from Facebook or Google+, after clicking on “OK” in the dialog window of the social network. Also for this step, you must confirm your registration by clicking on the ACTIVATION LINK that Courtney sent you. This is a copy of the email you’ll receive:

⚠IMPORTANT: you find your access password in the first email that Bettingrunner Team send you, named “Activate your account“. If you forgot your password you can request a new password clicking here and later change it from the Settings Page of your profile. Remember, Bettingrunner Support Team don’t have your password (for privacy reasons) then you can recover it just clicking the request of a new password.


Then on Bettingrunner you will find:

✓ Daily FREE betting tips

✓ Bet predictions for sale from Verified Tipsters

✓ Best compared odds from best bookmakers

✓ You can make your betting prediction and become a Top Tipster

✓ NO scammers

3. How to receive betting tips from the Tipsters Community

You can receive betting tips via email every day. Read here how to do. The Bettingrunner Tip Store is rich with hundreds of FREE betting tips picked from trusted betting sources. Otherwise the Tipster Ranking is the best page if you’re hunting the perfect bet advisor. You can also check detailed statistics of each tipsters to have a better idea on what or where to bet. You are free from the risk of making wrong decisions on bets with the help of our Verified Tipsters.

Once you have found the type of betting tips you are looking for, check out the tipsters stats. There are a lot of noticeable features on the tipster page. Profit, Yield, Hit Rate, Number of Bets, Winning average etc. As a buyer, it’s important to review the tipster you plan on purchasing to understand what exactly you’ll be receiving. Seeing his stats you can decide if he is a winning and trusted tipster.

To receive winning betting tips everyday via email you must subscribe to a tipster. To SUBSCRIBE a Tipster, simply go to a tipster page and click on the subscribe green button. A new window will appear where you can see the subscription prizes and insert your contact details to complete the order then choose your appropriate subscription duration (1 week / 1 month / 2 month / 6 month). The 1 month package is the bestseller and the favorite choice by Bettingrunner users. For example:

If you buy 1 week subscription ➡ you will receive betting tips from the tipster for 1 week via email
If you buy 1 month subscription ➡ you will receive betting tips from the tipster for 1 month via email
If you buy 2 months subscription ➡ you will receive betting tips from the tipster for 2 months via email
If you buy 6 months subscription ➡ you will receive betting tips from the tipster for 6 months via email

You can also view your bets with a login on Bettingrunner, clicking on MY STORE. On your Buy Tab you can see and manage your subscricptions (active and expired). Here you’ll see all the bet predictions posted by the tipsters you have purchased. Use the button to change the showing tab. You can check Active subscriptions, Expired subscriptions and the tipsters you’re following. Once your subscription is getting closer to expire you will receive a notification.


4. What is the right way to sell a prediction

After you logged in, in the upper right side on the white central bar you find a dropdown menu dedicated to the personal profile.

See below a simple video tutorial on how to sell your betting tips on!

From here you can access to make your betting tip, where you select the sport, the category and the tournament which interests you to bet and the event or the exact match of your interest. Next, choose the odds that you want among different odd types available (1X2, Double Chance, Under / Over, Half Time / Full Time / Asian Handicap / Under Over Goals, etc.). After you have selected your options click CONTINUE and fill in the coupon of your betting prediction.


When you fill in your coupon you must:

  • Select FOR SALE if you want to sell your betting tips
  • Write a title of your bet prediction
  • Select the stake of confidence (from 1 to 10)
  • Select your language

You can find a dedicated post about how to fill your predictions at best in order to sell and make money (CLICK HERE to read). However you must know that Speedy Betting Tips are not visible on the TIP STORE, so if you write only Speedy Betting Tips, nobody will see your predictions on TIP STORE. They will be visible only on your tipster profile. This might be a risk if you want to attract more buyers for your tips. Adding the description to betting tips is highly recommended, especially if you want to have more visibility. Bettingrunner suggest to add some text description to the betting prediction. Write a betting analysis increases by 150% the opportunity to appear on the TIP STORE and sell one or more subscriptions.

At this point you just have to confirm your predictions clicking on SAVE TIPS or go back to fix some errors or change your prediciton clicking BACK!

⚠IMPORTANT: Forgot to add an odd or a match to your multiple bet? Do you changed your mind about the odd types to bet? You can always modify your bet predictions until one second before the event marked the beginning on Bettingrunner. You just click on the pencil symbol you find on MY STORE and change what they see fit.


5. How to sell a prediction on Bettingrunner for the first time

By following these guidelines you’ll become an Expert tipster on Bettingrunner and no one will stop your rise to fame. Many famous tipsters have started so and today they are TOP Tipsters with hundreds of subscriptions sold per month as Asen-lv, Redstag, Betman1, BigD, etc. Let’s start with the basics.

From your first login on Bettingrunner (i.e. the first time you access the website with your new account) you will not be able to sell a match prediction. This is because the sporting events on which you bet must have the results checked in order to be ranked among the tipsters rank. The rule is that the results of your prediction must be checked by the Bettingrunner system.

⚠ Without this step you can not sell a prediction.

But don’t worry! As early as the second day you can put on sale your picks, be patience! From the second day, when your predictions will be checked with results, you can start your road to success. Bettingrunner post several posts to help all tipsters of our community. I suggest to read these article to know all you need to become the next Tipster of the Month and sell a lot of subscriptions:

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