Aaron Ramsey Curse

Now this is a fact: Aaron Ramsey Curse doesn’t stop making victims. Often people confuse this curse with that of Gordon Ramsey, the famous chef of TV shows, Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen. But this has nothing to do with Aaron Ramsey goals, the Welsh Arsenal striker. Now almost everyone knows that when Arsenal attacking-midfielder scores a goal, a celebrity in the world dies. There’s nothing to do about it, it really happens, No escape from death! Some consider it a bad trivial but many celebrities are now feared of Ramsey Curse. Can Bettingrunner football tipsters have a better hit rate in the tipster ranking?

The football career of Ramsey began in 2007/2008 in the English Premier League with the Cardiff City shirt, a Welsh football club based in Cardiff which play for a long time in the England Premier League. But this curse started from 01 May 2011, during the match Arsenal vs Manchester United.  After Ramsey has scored a goal, the death of Osama Bin Laden was annouced. Later, there were several coincidental deaths started happening every time he scored a goal, in particular the celebrities. The period in which Ramsey curse has made more victims among the celebrities was in 2014: every time Ramsey scores someone famous dies. Many Arsenal fans say that this is only a ugliness Internet joke, but after Ramsey took out many famous victims with his goals, many pages in social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, have emerged to count the deaths of Ramsey’s goals. Who’s next victim?

Check out the list of all celebrities who faced Aaron Ramsey’s curse:

1 May 2011: goal against Manchester United, followed the next day by the killing of Osama bin LadenOsama Bin Laden
2 October 2011: goal against Tottenham Hotspur, followed 3 days later by the death of Steve JobsSteve Jobs
19 October 2011: goal against Marseille, followed the next day by the killing of Muammar GaddafiMuammar Gaddafi
11 February 2012: goal against Sunderland, followed the next day by the death of Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston
15 May 2013: goal against Wigan Athletic, followed 2 days later by the death of Jorge VidelaJorge Videla
30 November 2013: goal against Cardiff City, followed on the same day by the death of Paul WalkerPaul Walker
10 August 2014: goal against Manchester City, followed the next day by the death of Robin WilliamsRobin Williams
23 August 2014: goal against Everton, followed the next day by the death of Sir Richard AttenboroughRichard Attenborough
9 January 2016: goal against Sunderland, followed the next day by the death of David BowieDavid Bowie
13 January 2016: goal against Liverpool, followed the next day by the death of Alan RickmanAlan Rickman

5 March 2016: Aaron Ramsey scores against Tottenham Hotspur in Premier League, and the following day former First Lady of the United States, Nancy Reagan passed away

Nancy Reagan Bettingrunner

Ramsey Curse: The best memes on social networks

We all know how fast social networks like Facebook and Twitter to expand strange news.
The Curse of Ramsey is no exception. Facebook and Twitter are full of comments and images (some funny) that relate to the attacker’s goals Arsenal and deaths of celebrities. For example, Twitter has gone into meltdown – with terrified conspiracy theorists pleading for Ramsey to be stopped – after the link was realised.

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