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⚠ Attention! Starting from June 1st 2017 Bettingrunner will send free bets only to ACTIVE Members in the last week (users with a login in their account in the last 7 days) – Make a login NOW to be active and continue receiving free bets every day.

If you are not receiving the Free Football ACCA of the day it’s probably because you are INACTIVE. Make a login on your Bettingrunner personal account to start receiving again our Free Football Selection of the day on your mobile.

ACTIVE USER = a Bettingrunner Member who makes at least one login with his personal account in 7 days

Bettingrunner is the largest Tipster Community in the world. On Bettingrunner you can find lots of information that help you properly select your winning bet and also you can choose to subscribe to a tipster to receive every day his bets via email. Many users don’t know that in order to receive the best at Bettingrunner they must use the site with their personal account.

What is the personal account?

The personal account (or personal profile) is the reserved area that each users create for free when they register on Bettingrunner. If you’ve completed your registration on also you can access your personal area. You just go to the login page, enter your username and password (which you chose at the registration) and you’re done! You are in your personal area!

⚠ Forgot your username or password? You can reset your password by clicking the reset link. This will send a message to reset your password to the email address you used to register. Otherwise contact Courtney or Sophia, our Support Team, at [email protected] to receive help.

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What should you do to avoid losing this precious information:

Don’t miss the access to your free personal account!

  1. Choose an email you use frequently which easy access
  2. Verify that the email from Bettingrunner do not end up in the spam folder of your email browser
  3. Choose a username easy to remember
  4. Change the password that Bettingrunner assigns you automatically when you register with a new password that you can remember easily
  5. Always contact the Bettingrunner support team that will help you restore your personal account in case of problems (write to [email protected] or sends a message to the Facebook page)

What are the benefits of your personal profile?

Surfing on Bettingrunner using the personal profile you will have access to more information. Think that by logging on Bettingrunner, you can discover 90% more of the information contained on the website! Think of everything you’re missing when you’re on Bettingrunner without connecting to your profile! Here’s what you’re missing:

  • extend the number of betting tips that you can view on the Tip Store
  • view all predictions published by a tipster
  • follow a tipster to compare its results
  • view the full Tipster Ranking with all tipsters and all categories of Tipsters Community
  • display the notification messages
  • access to the reserved areas BUY TAB / SELL TAB

For that reason it is always better to log on in this way you will avoid of losing all the best of the Tipsters Community. It is also essential to be active on Bettingrunner (and then log in to your personal area) in order to receive the daily notification with a Free Football Selection and the latest news from the largest Tipsters Community.


Do not give up this valuable information to increase your daily nest egg, stay ACTIVE in the Bettingrunner Tipsters Community!

stay active on bettingrunner

Why is the personal account so important?

The personal account is important because it represents you within the Bettingrunner Community. It is your identity, your business card and if you are a tipster, your showcase. All Bettingrunner’s users should treat with care their personal area and complete all required information in the profile settings in order to participate to the best of the great Bettingrunner family.

Mostly, your account gives you access to your personal areas BUY TAB and SELL TAB. On the Buy Tab you will find a summary of all new betting tips posted by the tipster that you have purchased. You can also view expired subscriptions and all the tipsters you’ve chosen to follow. On the Sell Tab you have a summary of your tipster activity: sales trend, new followers, tipster level, fund balance, payments received. Here you can monitor the progress of your tipster career.

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However, the tipsters who are selling their predictions are much more careful to have a professional profile. And the best of them are the Top Sellers of the Community! If you want to discover how to create a professional profile to sell your prediction CLICK HERE.

How to access to Buy Tab and Sell Tab:

  • Click on MY STORE
  • Click on BUY or
  • Click on SELL
  • It’s done ✔

What should I do to be active on Bettingrunner and receive all day free betting tips?

stay active on bettingrunner

Or follow these simple steps:

  1. Go on
  2. Insert your username and password

It’s done!

⚠ Forgot password?

  1. Click “Forgot password?” under the credentials fields or CLICK HERE
  2. Insert your email
  3. You’ll receive an email from Bettingrunner. Check the SPAM folder if you don’t see it
  4. Once received the email, click the GREEN button inside that mail

It’s done!

Now you are an ACTIVE MEMBER and you’ll receive free betting tips every day on your email!

stay active on bettingrunner

What our Members are saying about Bettingrunner service

How to choose a winning tipster«A tipster subscription is a great tool for any punter aspiring to make a long term profit from the game, with their honesty and transparency a breath of fresh air into a tricky industry» – Sonny Marengo, Bettingrunner Member

choose a winning tipster

«I love Bettingrunner. Quite simply I have made £250s profit that I would not have made without a tipster subscription and that is in just a month! Joining Bettingrunner has provided the best return of my football bets so far» – Albrecht Koch, Bettingrunner Member

tipster subscription bettingrunner«Outstanding experience to deal with Bettingrunner, good job! Very prompt and professional team. Trusted and Reputed tipsters with more than 100 positive bet predictions per month. I could not ask for more! And if I’m not satisfied, they change my tipster!» – Resham Bawi, Bettingrunner Member

«As a Member of Bettingrunner Community I do thank you all the Bettingrunner Team for the excellent work they are doing to ensure that all users in the system get winning notifications in time, like for the email on daily free bets I received this morning. I won my bets based on their selections Let us pray for all things to go well. Thank you!» – Philip Kempala, Bettingrunner Member


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