10 Golden Rules to become a Successful Tipster

Become a Successful Tipster with the Bettingrunner Guide

How can you become a successful tipster? Bettingrunner has gathered the 10 golden rules to become the best tipster in the world. Rules on money management, best odds, lineups, stakes and cashing out that will make you a successful gambler of course. Follow them to become an outstanding tipster. Be a tipster is probably a different thing to everyone who takes the time to form an opinion on the matter.

As a man, gambling, the skill, the art, the technique, the manners and the etiquette, are not just a way of making money. It’s an effective tool for building your social, political and business circle, as well as mingling with the highest echelons of society in a manner that will display your class and dignity. To rise up through gambling is one part training, and five parts nature, but that one part can be possessed following and applying these simple rules to become a successful tipster.

Successful Tipster, what you must avoid doing

The average gambler is superstitious, and ultimately not very smart. Their method is defined by three logical statistical rules from which no one can escape. The trick is to recognize them, and then to escape them:

  1. It is the belief that based solely on a previous run of bad luck, you are certain this time to get a good hand or a good roll. This is nonsense.
  2. This is also the little voice that tells us, “just one more drink.” The problem with this saying is that if you are ahead, your capacity to predict when you will stop being ahead is likely zero unless you possess clairvoyance!
  3. Never heard: “The House always wins”. Plenty of people beat the house. You beat the house.” This is true, for a little while, but play the House long enough, and they will win. Why? Because they have unlimited cash and you don’t, and given enough time, the player with unlimited cash in any fair game will beat the player with limited cash.

In conclusion, to be a serious and successful tipster, all that is required is that you act like a responsible man. Don’t lose your head; act like an adult.

Successful Tipster, how to become in 10 steps

Successful Tipster rule #1

Good money management

A successful tipster knows the money management. Set your monthly budget with the maximum amount to be invested and carefully follow the betting limits that have been set according to the bankroll, so you can sustain a number of consecutive losses without running out of money. If you have 100 units available, you do not have to invest 50 because it would be enough just two losses to exhaust the budget: you have to bet between 1% and 5% of your capital for each bet. And note down your wins and losses.

Successful Tipster rule #2

Know the stakes

A tipster knows the concept of stakes. Each bet can have a different degree of conviction, because not all games are reliable in the same way. At each stake, from 1 to 10, it corresponds to a certain amount: decide how much to bet, based on the odds but mainly based on the confidence that you have in the event.

Successful Tipster rule #3

Be well informed

A successful tipster is always well informed about the previous statistics, tactics, players’ characteristics or teams. At any cost, do not bet on the team that has not won for a long time because they might be out of shape and will miss the victory again. At the same time, however, a long string of consecutive successes may stop suddenly for the law of large numbers. There are also mid-level teams who often win at home, whereas great teams who struggle at away matches.

Every TOP tipster in Bettingrunner community provides in-depth betting analysis, keeping these elements into consideration. We recommend to watch all games you bet, analyse around 45 hours a week matches and players you are following like Bettingrunner best tipsters.


Successful Tipster rule #4

Always update with latest news

A tipster is always updated on the latest news of the team or the player. It might be a good opportunity to bet in favor of a team that has just changed the coach: the locker room could be motivated again and the team could go back to winning very soon.

Successful Tipster rule #5

Study the lineups

A tipster studies the lineups in detail. A team may have many injuries among the holders or the coach could make turn over, resting some of their most important players before a decisive match. Before you bet, check if your chosen team shows a strong lineup.

Successful tipster study lineups

Successful Tipster rule #6

Choose the best odds

A tipster always chooses the odds offering greater advantages over the chances of success. Estimate a probability percentage and comparing it with the share. If the odds are lower, forget about it; but if the odds are higher then, it is convenient to bet. We suggest you choose just odds between 1.70 and 2.20. They are the best for your bankroll!

Successful Tipster rule #7

Choose the highest odds

A tipster always chooses the highest odds available on the market share. In this regard, Bettingrunner is offering the best choice with an odds comparison shares to increase the winnings. Betting on the Asian Handicap market is the best solution if you want to find the highest odds.

Successful Tipster rule #8

Observe the odds movement

A tipster frequently observes the movements of the odds. An increasing or decreasing odd represents respectively less or more bettors’ faith regarding a certain outcome. Often, but not always, an increasing odd demonstrates the difficulties the team could encounter in the match (for example, unavailability of top players, poor form, excellent shape of the opponent etc.). Remember though that not all of the increasing odds are losers and not all decreasing odds are winners; these represent only a rough indication.


Successful Tipster rule #9

Cash out on the right time

A tipster knows when it is the right time to withdraw a cash out. Thanks to the live betting, you can take advantage of a goal/set to bet an amount on the opponent or a contrary outcome and win with any result. On the Internet, there are sites that calculate the amount needed to bet to get the sure profit.

Successful Tipster rule #10

Understand the reasons of failure and improved

A tipster never feels a loss as a tragedy (maybe some dirty words ?#@*&%!), but make himself better after every loss. Do not worry if you lose, but try to understand the reasons of the failure and make it an opportunity to become better than before.

Now that you know all the 10 golden rules to become a successful tipster, you must immediately put them in to practice. Don’t wait, start now to write your winning betting tips. Choose your event, pick the best odds and challenge the tipsters in the ranking from the Bettingrunner community.

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