Betting on World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018 Betting Guide

In International football, World Cup is the biggest football competition of all time. No other football competition can beat the excitement and enthusiasm of the fans all over the world. The popularity is the same in the betting world as well. Betting on World Cup is recognised as one of the most profitable football betting events.

Germany, Brazil, Spain and Italy are among the recent winners and will definitely be chosen as favourite. Many bookmakers are offering several markets for this great event. If you are aware of the World Cup betting tips, then you are one step ahead of others to win your bets.

How to bet on 2018 World Cup

To start betting on World Cup 2018 is simple as piece of cake. First step is to choose the best bookmakers who offer great sign up offers and promotions. Knowing the advantages beforehand will make you be ahead of others.

Then choose the best bookmaker to register. This can be done easily via your mobile device in few minutes. After you register, educate yourself with the best World Cup betting tips offered by the football betting experts.

The most popular bet in the market for World Cup 2018 will be for the Final Winner. But there are a lot more you can focus on. You should be smart in choosing the best betting option for World Cup 2018. Just as single bets, World Cup accumulator bets are also a great way of winning big.

Football betting tipsters will assist you with their World Cup betting predictions from qualifiers until the finals. Their World Cup betting tips are based on deep analysis of all the facts that will affect the outcome of the matches. Facts  such as past statistics of the teams, current management of the team, recently transfers, recent injuries of the players help the betting experts analyse their World Cup predictions with 100% guaranteed win rate.


World Cup 2018 Top Teams






World Cup Team & Player Statistics, Records and Facts

  • Brazil is the most successful team of all time, 5 Champions titles
  • Germany, Italy, Argentina, Spain, England, France and Uruguay are other successful teams on the table.
  • Netherlands, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Sweden has became 2nd runner up but never the champion.




Thursday 14 June 2018
Russia vs Saudi Arabia – Group A – 4 pm BST

Friday 15 June 2018
Egypt vs Uruguay – Group A – 1pm BST
Morocco vs Iran – Group B – 4pm BST
Portugal vs Spain – Group B – 7pm BST

Saturday 16 June 2018
France vs Australia – Group C – 11am BST
Argentina vs Iceland – Group D – 2pm BST
Peru vs Denmark – Group C – 5pm BST
Croatia vs Nigeria – Group D – 8pm BST

Sunday 17 June 2018
Costa Rica vs Serbia – Group E – 1pm BST
Germany vs Mexico – Group F – 4pm BST
Brazil vs Switzerland – Group E – 7pm BST

Monday 18 June 2018
Sweden vs South Korea – Group F – 1pm BST
Belgium vs Panama – Group G – 4pm BST
Tunisia vs England – Group G – 7pm BST

Tuesday 19 June 2018
Colombia vs Japan – Group H – 1pm BST
Poland vs Senegal – Group H – 4pm BST
Russia vs Egypt – Group A – 7pm BST

Wednesday 20 June 2018
Portugal vs Morocco – Group B – 1pm BST
Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia – Group A – 4pm BST
Iran vs Spain – Group B- 7pm BST

Thursday 21 June 2018
Denmark vs Australia – Group C – 1pm BST
France vs Peru – Group C – 4pm BST
Argentina vs Croatia – Group D – 7pm BST

Friday 22 June 2018
Brazil vs Costa Rica – Group E – 1pm BST
Nigeria vs Iceland – Group D – 4pm BST
Serbia vs Switzerland – Group E – 7pm BST

Saturday 23 June 2018
Belgium vs Tunisia – Group G – 1pm BST
South Korea vs Mexico – Group F – 4pm BST
Germany v Sweden – Group F – 7pm BST

Sunday 24 June 2018
England vs Panama – Group G – 1pm BST
Japan vs Senegal – Group H – 4pm BST
Poland vs Colombia – Group H – 7pm BST

Monday 25 June 2018
Uruguay vs Russia – Group A – 3pm BST
Saudi Arabia vs Egypt – Group A – 3pm BST
Spain vs Morocco – Group B – 7pm BST
Iran vs Portugal – Group B – 7pm BST

Tuesday 26 June 2018
Denmark vs France – Group C – 3pm BST
Australia vs Peru – Group C – 3pm – ITV
Nigeria vs Argentina – Group D – 7pm BST
Iceland vs Croatia – Group D – 7pm BST

Wednesday 27 June 2018
South Korea vs Germany – Group F – 3pm BST
Mexico vs Sweden – Group F – 3pm BST
Serbia vs Brazil – Group E – 7pm BST
Switzerland vs Costa Rica – Group E – 7pm BST

Thursday 28 June 2018
Japan vs Poland – Group H – 3pm BST
Senegal vs Colombia – Group H – 3pm BST
England vs Belgium – Group G – 7pm BST
Panama vs Tunisia – Group G – 7pm BST



Saturday 30 June 2018

Group C Winner vs Group D 2nd place – 3pm BST

Group A Winner vs Group B 2nd place – 7pm BST


Sunday 01 July 2018

Group B Winner vs Group A 2nd place – 3pm BST


Group D Winner vs Group C 2nd place – 7pm BST


Monday 02 July 2018


Group E Winner vs Group F 2nd place – 3pm BST

Group G Winner vs Group H 2nd place – 7pm BST


Tuesday 03 July 2018


Group F Winner vs Group E 2nd place – 3pm BST

Group H Winner vs Group G 2nd place – 7pm BST



Friday 06 July 2018

Match 1 – 3pm BST


Match 2 – 7pm BST

Saturday 07 July 2018

Match 1 – 3pm BST

Match 2 – 7pm BST



Tuesday 10 July 2018

Match 1 – 7pm BST

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Match 1 – 7pm BST


Saturday 14 July 2018

Semi finals Loser 1 vs Semi finals Loser 2 – 3pm BST



Sunday 15 July 2018

Semi finals Winner 1 vs Semi finals Winner 2 – 4pm BST

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