Both Teams to Score Guide

Both Teams to Score, meaning and betting strategy

What’s Both Teams to Score meaning?

How many times you were looking for the last bet to complete your 5 or 6 folds accumulator, decided to pick a full time winner just for the sake of the odds, and ended up missing only one game? Good punter should always have a couple of altenative bets in his pocket and should never focus on only one betting market. Both teams to score (known as BTTS) is one of the most popular betting options in goals market.

The meaning of this bet is that you are only interested to see both home and away team score one goal during the match, nothing else. After they do that, no matter if that happens in 5th or 95th minute, your bet is considered as good and you can collect your winnings. If you select Both Teams To Score (No) you win if one or both teams don’t score (0-0, 0-1, 2-0, etc.).

YESArsenal vs Chelsea 1 - 1Win
YESArsenal vs Chelsea 1 - 0
NO Arsenal vs Chelsea 2 - 2Lose
NOArsenal vs Chelsea 0 - 2Win

Advantages of Both Teams to Score Bets

The percentages for this type of bet are on the side of the player – full time result has three possible outcomes, while this type of bet is going to end either BTTS or Both teams not to score. One of the main advantages of Both Teams to Score bets are very high odds. You will hardly be able to find anything below 1.50, while in some leagues, this type of bet can go up to 2.40. If you decide to place this bet, your chances to land it will last for 90 minutes, no matter what. This is definitely not the case when we decide to go with full time winner and our team gets crushed 3 – 0 in the first half.

How to choose the best BTTS: highest Both Teams to Score rate leagues.

There are many successful Both Team to Score players today, and majority of them are using different strategies, stats and parameters to pick their games. You should always be looking up for games where the fans or the bookmakers are expecting to see goals galore.  According to Soccerstats  the best leagues for BTTS lovers  last season were Germany – Oberliga Westfalen (61%), England – National League South (57%), Argentina – Primera C Metropolitana (57%). Majority of teams playing in these divisions are always more oriented on the offense and scoring, rather than defending their goal, despite the current result. You can also search for teams which are having goals scorers on fire, defenses which are conceding at least one goal on a regular basis or friendly matches where the level of competitiveness is not too high. Also, it is always a good idea to do a small research of teams. Both teams to score stats are available all over the internet nowadays, so you should definitely take advantage of that.

Both Teams to Score Guide is posted within well researched articles, providing you with great both teams to score information for your bets.


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