Christoph Wagner talks about An Old International: Football, Culture, History

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In this session, we talk about Christoph Wagner, who is the owner of An Old International : a blog dedicated to Football, culture and history. The name An Old International was derived from the football writer Harry Donald Davies. Christoph also mentions that he does not aim to make this blog a ‘new’ Old International and he says the name does have some sense of reality to it. It is a blog, different from what you see everyday, so let’s see what else he says about his journey and the blog.

Hello Christoph, tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Christoph Wagner and I’m a sports historian living in Paris.

How did your blog, An Old International started?
The blog started initially as a tool to keep my written English fluent and to a high standard. My PhD supervisor once mentioned a sports writer Donny Davies who wrote under the byline Old International for the Manchester Guardian/The Guardian. When I thought about a name for the blog, I did not have to think long.

What’s different about your blog than other Football blogs?
Most blogs focus on one club. I don’t. Though I do write about my home town, FC Magdeburg from time to time, I do cover the history of the game and write the odd comment here and there. I have written pieces about Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United among others.

What has inspired you to built-up your success with your blog?
I did not built up the success of the blog. The writing did.

Apart from Football and blogging, do you have any other passion?
My other passions are tea, music and chocolat noir, in no particular order.

As a Football fan, do you follow the England Premier League? If so, do you think Manchester City has a chance to win the championship title this season?
There a few teams that have a chance to win the Premier League this season, not just Manchester City. Though they look a different team this year with Kevin de Bryune.

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