Daily Double Bet

Good day fans! We are back with the football double bet for today with multiplier around 2.0 or more day by day and win thanks to our expert football tipster. This quality football daily double bet gives you high chances to double your money every day.

Football Daily Double Bet for today 20-12-2018

Here is the daily tip for the double football bet:

20-12-2018 19:00
FC Astra Ploiesti – Dinamo Bucuresti
Romania – Liga I
TOT ODD: 1.85 with Sbobet*

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*The odd refers to the time it was selected by the tipster. The time referring is +2GMT (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm). Odds and bookmaker of reference may change because of the shift of the stake over the time.

Read the mini-guide you find below the article if you don’t know how the Double Betting system works or get now the Football Double Bet for today. Want to start now making money with the high success rate of our Verified Tipster? The Football Double Bet is a subscription service reserved for VIP Bettingrunner Members. Find out below the page with all details and terms of service.

What is a double bet today?

A double bet is a multiplier bet consisting of two selections of events. All the events must win to gain a return and to win the doubling bet. Technically, a doubling bet is a betting pick where two selections are made and if the first wins, everything that would have been returned is then used as a stake for the second. The Bettingrunner double bet of the day allows a little change with a multiplier of around 2.00.

What is a double bet in football?

Even in football, you can do a double bet. Probably, the doubling bet in football is the most popular strategy for this sport. All bets in a double selection must be on separate events to win the stake, obviously. Millions of soccer fans pick their football doubling bet every weekend. Some of them can prepare one every day. We are talking about the Bettingrunner Expert Tipsters!

Examples of double betting in football

Our Verified Tipster provides daily double bets every day from the most profitable football games all around the world. Follow this clear demo of football daily double bet. The football results in the table below are used to demonstrate winnings and losing example of doubling bets:

MatchScoreMy BetOutcomeResult
Option 1WIN
Bayern vs Juventus2-1HOMEWIN
Real Madrid vs Barcelona0-1AWAYWIN
Option 2LOSE
Bayern vs Juventus2-1AWAYLOSE
Real Madrid vs Barcelona0-1AWAYWIN

Winning Football Double Bet of the day

Win Double Betting Tips it’s not a joke! This is why it’s always better to follow the advice of our Expert in Double Football Bets. Our friends from Bettingrunner Community WON thanks to this fantastic bet:

03-10-2018 21:00
SSC Napoli – Liverpool FC
World – Champions League
Over Under Half Time 1.25: Under
TOT ODD: 1.85 with Sbobet*
100% WINNING BET Bettingrunner checked button

*The odd refers to the time it was selected by the tipster. The time referring is +2GMT (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm)

Want to know how to have this bet every day on your mail? CLICK HERE to know. The Bettingrunner Expert Tipster will send you his double betting prediction every day on your mobile via email, as you can check the football selection on your smartphone as soon the tipster release it. Guaranteed Service – 100% efficiency and precision!

Receive the Double Bet every day

Double Bet of the day, who is our Verified Tipster

All bets selected for the daily double football tips are exclusively posted by our EXCLUSIVE Tipster, Asen-lv. Asen is a Bulgarian Expert Tipster well known on Facebook and Twitter thanks to his successful double betting football predictions. You can relax and follow one of the Top Performer Tipster on Bettingrunner Community making you win your daily double football bet. Did you see the daily win double bet today?

Guaranteed Payment Bettingrunner

Asen is the VIP Exclusive Tipster reserved for Bettingrunner VIP Members with Daily Double Football Bet. Asen-lv Tipster is active since December 2015 in the Bettingrunner Community. Asen climbed the rank gaining the TOP positions every month with 60% Hit Rate and 21% Yield in October. As you can see from his stats he has positive Win Rate every month. Asen collected a virtual Profit of + 1.037.767 overall with an average odd of 2.50 (much more than a double win) in the past months!

4 Reasons to receive the Double Bet on your smartphone every day

  • 60% Hit Rate 
  • 20% Yield 
  • + € 1.000.000 Overall Profit 
  • 2.50 AVG Odds 

What you will receive with the Daily Double Bet package:

  • 1 Exclusive Football Tip per day with odd around 2.00 
  • Full access to all Betting Tips released by Asen tipster 
  • Instant bet notification from mobile 
  • Support from the tipster 

How does the Bettingrunner double bet works?

For newbies, the double bet prediction has always been one of the most successful and safe methods among different betting systems, particularly applied to football bets. The double bet is one of the most profitable betting methods to increase profit quickly and one of the riskiest at the same time.

Every day, Bettingrunner will post a single stake betting selection to win approximately twice the amount wagered (total multiplier will be around 2.0 or more). The double bet of the day will be delivered by our Verified Tipster throughout all Bettingrunner communication channels.

This particular betting system is also called Martingale. A gambler’s fortune (capital) is a martingale if all the betting games which the gambler plays are fair.

In general, there are two types of double bet strategy. The first one is the simple model or classic martingale. To be precise, according to this method we have to punt every day the same amount of money on the double bet system chosen, irrespective of the final result (won or loose). In this way to be positive at the end of the month, it will be necessary to have won half + 1 of bets made.

The second double bet system is slightly modified: after choosing the initial budget, we have to continues to point to the same amount in case of victory. But in case of the lost bet we must double with a particular progression: double your bet and add a percentage of your choice (usually 5% of the stake) until the bet is a winner. This system is much more risky but also more profitable.

What is a bankroll in double bet?

Here’s an important tip for newbies to this kind of bets: set a bankroll! Bankroll is the amount of money that’s allocated for betting as starting budget and according to this also, it’s the bet amount on a daily basis. In this case, Bettingrunner’s chosen €5 as a daily bankroll.

Remember, to win with the Bettingrunner daily double bet it is necessary to be patient and keep calm. It can happen that a bet is not successful. But do not despair! The victory is around the corner and the report is clear: Hit Rate is very high. You will not find a winning bet system anywhere else!

⚠ Don’t miss the fair odd! Receive the football daily double bet as soon our tipster post it! Due to continuous changes in the bookmakers’ odd, the information shown on the double betting tips of the day may vary. The best way not to lose the odd stake is to play the bet asap you receive the notification.

Why choose Bettingrunner doubling bet system

 NO Scammers

Daily REAL Service

Trusted source from Verified Tipster

Higher WINNING Rate

football acca of the day

Daily Doubling bet system REPORT

Here are the full reports for Bettingrunner VIP Daily Double Bet system so far. Bettingrunner wants to be clear and transparent with users. This means that you will find the complete trend of Daily Doubling Bet without cheating. Check out odds, amounts and total won:

Daily Double bet Report day by day

DateResultOddAmountWon TOT Won
05/11/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80€ 5€ 9€ 1354,5
04/11/2017NO1.80€ 50€ 1345,5
03/11/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80€ 2,5€ 4,5€ 1350,5
02/11/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.81€ 5€ 9,05€ 1346
01/11/2017NO1.81€ 50€ 1336,95
31/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80€ 2,5€ 4,5€ 1341,95
30/10/2017Bettingrunner checked buttonREFUND€ 50€ 1337,45
29/10/2017NO1.81€ 50€ 1337,45
28/10/2017NO2.50€ 50€ 1342,45
27/10/2017Bettingrunner checked buttonREFUND€ 50€ 1347,45
26/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.20€ 5€ 11€ 1347,45
25/10/2017NO1.82€ 50€ 1336,45
24/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.81€ 5€ 9,05€ 1341,45
23/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.83€ 2,5€ 4,575€ 1332,395
22/10/2017NO1.83€ 50€ 1327,82
21/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80€ 2,5€ 4,5€ 1332,82
20/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.83€ 5€ 9,15€ 1328,32
19/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.88€ 2,5€ 4,7€ 1319,17
18/10/2017NO2.05€ 50€ 1314,47
17/10/2017NO2.01€ 50€ 1319,47
16/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.88€ 2,5€ 4,7€ 1324,47
15/10/2017NO2.00€ 50€ 1319,77
14/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.95€ 5€ 9,75€ 1324,77
13/10/2017Bettingrunner checked buttonREFUND€ 50€ 1315,02
12/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.82€ 5€ 9,1€ 1315,02
11/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80€ 2,5€ 4,5€ 1305,92
10/10/2017NO1.98€ 50€ 1301,42
09/10/2017NO1.83€ 50€ 1306,42
08/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.79€ 2,5€ 4,47€ 1311,42
07/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.00€ 5€ 10€ 1306,95
06/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.85€ 50€ 1296,95
05/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.85€ 5€ 9,25€ 1301,95
04/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80€ 2,5€ 4,5€ 1292,7
03/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.85€ 2,5€ 4,62€ 1288,2
02/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.91€ 5€ 9,55€ 1283,6
01/10/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.94€ 2,5€ 4,85€ 1274,05
31/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.86€ 5€ 9,3€ 1269,2
30/08/2017Bettingrunner checked buttonREFUND€ 50€ 1259,9
29/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.81€ 5€ 9,05€ 1259,9
28/08/2017NO1.80€ 50€ 1250,85
27/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.00€ 5€ 10€ 1255,85
26/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.00€ 5€ 10€ 1245,85
25/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.81€ 2,5€ 4,5€ 1235,85
24/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80€ 5€ 9€ 1231,35
23/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.85€ 2,5€ 4,6€ 1222,35
22/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80€ 2,5€ 4,5€ 1217,75
21/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80€ 2,5€ 4,5€ 1213,25
20/08/2017NO1.86€ 50€ 1208,75
19/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.81€ 5€ 9,05€ 1213,75
18/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.83€ 5€ 9,15€ 1204,7
17/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.90€ 5€ 9,5€ 1195,55
16/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.03€ 2,5€ 5,075€ 1186,05
15/08/2017NO1.83€ 50€ 1180,98
14/08/2017NO1.83€ 50€ 1185,98
13/08/2017NO1.80€ 50€ 1190,98
12/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.83€ 5€ 9,15€ 1195,98
11/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.83€ 5€ 9,15€ 1186,83
10/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.81€ 2,5€ 3,62€ 1177,68
09/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.88€ 5€ 9,4€ 1174,06
08/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.83€ 5€ 9,15€ 1164,66
07/08/2017NO1.91€ 50€ 1155,51
06/08/2017NO1.91€ 50€ 1160,51
05/08/2017NO1.91€ 50€ 1165,51
04/08/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.80€ 5€ 9€ 1170,51
03/08/2017NO1.80€ 50€ 1161,51
02/08/2017NO1.88€ 50€ 1166,51
01/08/2017NO1.84€ 50€ 1171,51

Daily Double bet monthly Report

October 201731199361,29%1.87
September 2017SUSPENDED-----
August 2017311911161,29%1.86
July 2017312110067,74%1.91
June 201730 1712156.6%1.94
May 2017311615052%1.99
Apr 2017301218040%1.98
Mar 2017291514051.72%1.98
Feb 2017281510353.57%1.98
Jan 2017281810064.29%1.94
Dec 201631237174.19%2.01
Nov 2016301612253.33%2.08
Oct 201631177754.84%2.15

How to get everyday Asen’s Daily Double Bet on your email

Follow these few steps to get the Today’s Double Football Bet and all other betting services from our Expert Tipster:

  1. Go to the Tipster page (Click Here)
  2. Click the green button SUBSCRIBE
  3. Select the duration of your subscriptions (1 week, 1 month, etc.)
  4. Confirm the Paypal purchasing form

Double Bet subscription steps

Send an email to [email protected] if you need assistance

⚠ Remember, when you subscribe to Asen-lv tipster, you will receive the Daily Double Bet plus all Asen football betting tips that he post on Daily Doubling Football Bet is a service included in Asen’s subscription plan.

Generally, Asen-lv Tipster release 11 total betting selections every day and around 300 picks per month. Here below you find the full Tipster Subscription plan with the benefits you will receive included in the service.

Subscription DurationPrice for this monthWhat you will receiveEstimated valueVIP Membership plan included
1 Week€ 69.497 guaranteed double bets + other football tips € 80Bettingrunner checked button
1 Month€ 139.9930 guaranteed double bets + other football tips € 200Bettingrunner checked button
2 Months€ 237.4960 guaranteed double bets + other football tips € 400Bettingrunner checked button
6 Months€ 599.99180 guaranteed double bets + other football tips € 900Bettingrunner checked button

€ 70.489 WON IN October – A winning strategy! As you can see in the report, the Bettingrunner Doubling Bet system won + € € 1354,50 in October 2017 starting from just € 5 in September 2016. Asen-lv, our Exclusive Tipster, gained a total Profit of + € 70.489 last month (with all his football tips). Asen reach the record success rate of 67% for Double Bet Football Tip of the Day in July. Our Expert Tipster Hit Rate is growing up to 70% for the next month. This is a real opportunity to get a successful tipster (NO cheat, NO scammer here), and you will win your bet coupon easily, starting today!

You can play his bets in a single or combined in a multiple pick from the betting tips that Asen-lv publishes all days on

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