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by Bettingrunner on 08 April 2016

1. Hello Rui, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was born in Portugal but I immigrated to Toronto, Canada along with my parents when I was very young. I grew up liking more traditional North American sports like Hockey and Baseball. I followed Football (Soccer as it is called here) during major tournaments when I was growing up. Over the years, I have retained the language and culture of Portugal. And Football has become a big part of my life.

2. How did Futebol Factory start?
I started the website shortly after I finished school in 2011 along with two others on politics and films. Futebol Factory is by far the most successful. I think I fill a gap in the news coverage. The English media often ignores the Portuguese league, which is a real shame because it has so much to offer.

3. What’s your role there?
I am the Editor-in-Chief of Futebol Factory.

4. Who are the other main contributors?
I have contributed to every article on the site. I have also done some collaborative articles with Sam Biggers of PortugalFutbol.

5. How is Futebol Factory different from other blogs?
I cover Portuguese football instead of a wide spectrum, which I think has really helped me draw an audience. The website really started to take off when I began writing short scout reports on promising young players like Andre Gomes and William Carvalho. Often there is not much information about these players in the English media. The success of the website helped me build a brand and I have begun writing for other sites like Outside of the Boot and PortuGoal.

6. Let’s talk about football. Who is the greatest Portuguese football player of all times?
I find the older generation unanimously picks Eusebio. His performance in the 1966 World Cup in England really solidified his status as a national figure. He was also a beckon of hope in a dark time in the country’s history. Luis Figo also helped propel Portugal to the top-tier of footballing nations. But for me, I have to give the nod to Cristiano Ronaldo. He is perhaps the most complete player in the history of football.

7. In Primeira Liga, Benfica is the strongest in the league and the highest ranked this season. What’s the reason them being so strong?
It did not look that way in the first half of the season. Benfica lost the first five matches against the other two “Grandes” and new manager Rui Vitoria was feeling the pressure. But, Benfica have been almost perfect since the start of 2016 and deserve to be in first place. It took a while but Vitoria has found his best combination of players. The continued brilliance of Jonas, combined with the emergence of Renato Sanches and Greek striker Mitroglou have them leading the way.

8. It’s very likely that Benfica would advance till the finals. If so, is it going to be Porto or Sporting facing Benfica in the finals?
At this point, it is Benfica’s title to lose. They are two points up on second-place Sporting with six matches to go. But, Benfiquistas know better than anyone that late season leads could evaporate in a moment’s time. FC Porto are too far back now. I think the club made a mistake firing their manager when they were still in the title race. It just created more uncertainty.

9. Which Portuguese club do you support?
I would not describe myself as a supporter of any club, although I do lean green at times. Sporting is the club that has produced the majority of players for the Portuguese national team over the last few decades. It is hard not to cheer for them when almost all their players are Portuguese. But, in Europe against foreign opponents, I am happy to cheer for Benfica, FC Porto, Braga or any other Portuguese club. Their success raises the profile of Portuguese football.

10. Apart from football, what are your other passions?
I love films and documentaries. And I follow current events and politics. I guess you could consider me an informed citizen. I am also a supporter of several causes. I currently work for several non-profit organizations as a communications specialist and social media strategist.

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