Guide to BettingRunner Community

In this article you will find the official Bettingrunner Community Rules which all Members must respect to join our Tipsters Community website. All those Members who violate these rules will be banned by the Community.

Be part of Bettingrunner Tipsters Community! On Bettingrunner you can challenge world’s best tipsters in many major sports as football, tennis, basketball, cricket, ice hockey and many more. is the right place to find best analysis and betting strategies from punters with a community of over 150,000 active users. You will also have the chance to fill your betting slips online and choose from a list of over 30 top bookmakers in the gambling world. Then you can sell your bet predictions and make money with them!

On you can:

  • buy the best predictions and win your bets every day
  • sell your predictions and earn money
  • read tips and guides for free to improve your betting skills
  • climb the ranking and increase your earnings
  • challenge the other tipsters in competitions and win money

In order to get the best out of Bettingrunner, follow these simple rules:

1. Read Bettingrunner FAQ 

Before to start entering the Bettingrunner Community it’s better to read How BettingRunner works and, specifically, the Bettingrunner FAQ. Inside them you can find all the answer to the main questions users have when they start to use the website. You’ll find the FAQ at the bottom of the page linked here! I suggest you to check out, especially if you want to know how to get subscriptions to tipsters and how to sell betting tips.

On How It Works page you find:

  1. How to sell your tips
  2. What is a Tipster Subscriptions
  3. How the Tipster Levels work
  4. How to be paid from Bettingrunner
  5. and many other important info you need

2. Write appropriate content

All Bettingrunner users can read the betting tips from the Tip Store and tipsters must write in a comprehensible way for the users. It means you must use good text and words  in a comprehensible language. Your for sales tips will be convincing if only you write appropriate content on the description. This is why, to make sure you’ll sell your betting tips you have completed all steps required adding a new betting tip.

⚠ All betting tips written by tipsters that do not contain the appropriate texts will be deleted by the Bettingrunner Team. If the tipster continues to enter inappropriate texts his account will be blocked.  If you write inappropriate text you risk to be blocked and your earned money will not be able to withdraw. Check out the example below.

Community Tipsters Rules Bettingrunner

3. Write relevant content is a betting predictions platform. Tipsters dealing with tips, predictions and analysis of bets on a sports event. The contents you write should be relevant to betting and nothing else. Only relevant texts will be considered by our Buyer Members and they are valid to gain a new Tipster Level. If you don’t have time or you don’t want to write a text it’s better to not post any text content.

⚠ All betting tips written by tipsters that do not contain relevant text descriptions or titles will be deleted by the Bettingrunner Commuinty Team. If the tipster continues to enter not relevant words or text his account will be blocked.  If you write not relevant text you risk to be blocked and your earned money will not be able to withdraw. Then you risk to lose all the profits accumulated over time through the sale of subscriptions.

What a great text description should contain?

  1. Teams or players of your bet
  2. The time and place of the event of your bet
  3. Previous clashes between the teams or players
  4. Your personal consideration about the match
  5. Relevant info you know coming from your betting expertise.

If you are afraid to reveal your bet strategy or secret information, remember that Bettingrunner allows to read your bet tips for sale only to those members who subscribe to your tipster profile. Only subscribers are allowed to read what you are writing. If you need inspiration for the analysis of your bet tip I suggest to take example from sports news articles. They are rich in useful information!

4. Avoid SPAM text

The Community of tipsters is verified by Bettingrunner internal Team and tipsters predictions are analyzed all day to check if they respect the Bettingrunner standards. Here the standards we require:

  • doesn’t contain forbidden words (use of obscene, abusive language, foul language)
  • doesn’t contains copied text from other tipsters
  • doesn’t contain automatically repeated words (keyword stuffing)
  • doesn’t contain commercial messages (subject to the approval of the Bettingrunner Team)

⚠ All betting tips written by tipsters that contain SPAM text in the descriptions or titles will be deleted by the Bettingrunner Team. If the tipster continues to enter SPAM words or text his account will be blocked.  If you write SPAM text you risk to be blocked and your earned money will not be able to withdraw. Then you risk to lose all the profits accumulated over time through the sale of subscriptions.

5. Forbidden to enter automated prediction (or robot)

Bettingrunner does not allow the use of crawler, bot, spambot that automatically publish of betting tips on  Tip Store. The Bettingrunner Community Team will check all the betting predictions that don’t respect this parameters to keep the respect of users and and usability of the Tip Store.

⚠ The Bettingrunner Team may at any time suspend the tipster profile after it is alerted and lock it if the tipster does not correct his behavior. If you use robot or similar you risk to be blocked and your earned money will not be able to withdraw. Then you risk to lose all the profits accumulated over time through the sale of subscriptions.

6. The description of prediction is required to be in the Tip Store

The tipsters must write a small introduction to their betting predictions, both for free bets and for sale if they want to appear in the Tip Store. The Tip Store is the real Bettingrunner’s market where tipsters can show their products (betting tips). Writing a betting description increases by 150% the opportunity to appear on the Tip Store and sell more subscriptions.It’s proven that a tipster who appear in the first page of the Tip Store sell 63% more than other tipsters.

Community Tipsters Rules Bettingrunner

Bettingrunner wants to have only professional tipsters within its platform. Commenting your betting tip with a small explanatory text (betting analysis) is the best way to catch more customers if you are seller tipster. To learn more about how to write an excellent text to increase sales of subscriptions, check out our GUIDE.

7. Stay out of trouble

All tipsters have the duty to maintain a proper attitude toward the Bettingrunner Community. Bettingrunner wants users respects each others and the user respect the Bettingrunner Team. Bettingrunner will do everything he can to avoid situations that may cause misunderstanding. The Bettingrunner team expects a mutual respect of the rules by the users. It means not cheating, not abuse, and keeping a honest conduct.

Users who do not respect a honest behavior and who are reported by other users for not correct conduct will go under observation and, if necessary, deleted from the community. Bettingrunner Team reserves the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you), typically in (but not limited to) the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.

8. Contact the Support Team for information

The Customer Support Team is available for any information or assistance needed. The tipsters can write to [email protected] and get a quick response to all their needs.

Bettingrunner reserves the right to remove any post if it doesn’t match the standards. It’s our intention to minimize deleting action of the betting tips, however, Bettingrunner Community Team will adopt any measure necessary to ensure the simplicity and usefulness of our platform. For more information, please check out to the privacy policy and terms of service.

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