How to Bet On Football – Beginners Guide to Football Betting

They don’t call football, “the global game” for nothing. From Brazil to Barcelona, from Australia to Austria, sports fans simply can’t get enough of football. Fans around the world don’t just like to watch the game though, they like to bet on football. Not knowing how to bet on Football, it indeed is a challenge to win the bets. So learning this Football betting guide is important.

Betting on Football is all well and good, but it is all the more fun if you can make a profit in the process. This beginners football betting guide will set you on the right path towards achieving your betting goals.

Football Betting Markets

As you might expect of one of the most popular gambling sports in the world, when it comes to betting on football we certainly aren’t short of options. With 200+ markets regularly priced up for the biggest games, the football bettor has never had it so good. These days, if you can think of it, then there’s probably a fair chance that it will be priced up somewhere, but here we outline some of the most popular football betting options:

The Result: Nice and simple this one. Simply predict whether the match in question will be a home win, away win or draw. Still the most popular bet around.

The Double Result: Also known as half-time/full time betting. This is effectively predicting what the result will be at both half time and full time. The options are: H-H, H-D, H-A, D-H, D-D, D-A, A-H, A-D, and A-A.

As an example, H-A denotes that the home team will be leading at half-time, but the away team will win the match. D stands for draw. This is more difficult than the simpler match result market, but the rewards on offer are correspondingly greater.

Correct Score: Predicting not just who will win the game, but what the exact final score will be.

First/Last/Anytime Scorer: A bet on an individual player to score specifically either the first goal, the last goal, or at any time in the game.

Over/Under: A bet on whether a game will feature over or under a specified number of goals. The most common line is 2.5 goals. Using this example, 2 or fewer goals would be a win for under bettors, whilst three or more goals would be a win for those betting over.

Both Teams to Score: Exactly what it says. A bet on both teams to score in a game. One of the most popular amongst the newer football bets, its attraction stems in part from the fact that you are nearly always in with a chance as the game goes on, regardless of which team is winning.

Accumulators: Football odds tend to be shorter than those for a sport such as horse racing for example. One of the most common ways in which football bettors attempt to boost their returns is through accumulator betting. An accumulator is simply a bet on the outcome of more than one game, can be a mix of results, over/under, both teams to score and more.

Football Betting Tips

Many books have been written on football betting strategy – some good, some bad – and there are no doubt plenty of winning methods out there, but here we outline the three key points, which have assisted us with our football betting over the years. Do consider the football betting tips below before you place your next bet.

  1. Look Past The Result

Often the final score in a football match will prove to be an accurate reflection of how the game has played out. The previous results of a team will also often be one of – if not THE – major factor which impacts upon the team’s odds for their subsequent fixtures. However whilst a string of recent wins is invariably better than a run of losses, the final score does not ALWAYS tell the whole story.

By looking deeper into the stats; at factors such as possession percentage and total shots on target for example, we can identify teams who have been acheiving the results their performances deserve, and those who have perhaps been more than a little unlucky. As such we can have greater confidence in backing a team who has been winning AND playing well, whilst possibly unearthing some good value bets amongst those teams who have been playing well but been unlucky in their recent matches.

  1. Always Check The Team News

This can be of vital importance. Many – even top tier – teams have one or two players who are key to their performance. Be it their defensive lynchpin, creative midfield spark or lethal frontman, the absence of one or two individuals can greatly impact the results of a side. As an example, whether a sides top-scorer passes or fails a late fitness test should certainly impact upon your betting decision.

This factor is ever more important in the modern era with the vast fixture lists often faced by sides. Whilst some of the top teams take the various Cup competitions seriously, others often play little more than a mixture of their youth and reserve players.

When risking your cash on a football match, you should at least make the effort to find out exactly who you are betting on.

  1. Follow Your Sport Closely/Specialise

Whilst it is possible to bet on just about every football league around the world – that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Can you really hope to know enough about them all to bet profitably?

Far better to specialise in a smaller number of Leagues, and make an effort to get to know the teams/players in as much depth as you can. A good tip here is to pick the ones you already know best/find most interesting. Keep up to date with the latest news and read the match reports. You never know when you may pick up that vital betting clue.

Specialising in this manner will give you a far greater chance of formulating those all important winning football betting strategies. As with many things in life though, it never hurts to listen to the informed views of others…..

Football Betting Tipsters

No one would ever say that making money betting on football is easy, but there are those who do seem to have the art of winning football betting down to a tee. There are many football tipsters  available online with those available in Bettingrunner Community always well worth a look. Choosing an expert betting tipster to do the predictions for you is always more guarantee than doing it on your own.

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