How to bet on Tennis – Beginners’ guide to Tennis Betting

Betting on tennis is often not second to football betting or any other sports. Especially if you are attracted by this sport and you like the two tennis circuits: masculine and feminine. From a betting point of view, the two are completely different, but in this article, we refer to the basic rules and principles of tennis bets for men’s tennis and women’s tennis tournaments. Read the below guide to understand well on how to bet on tennis.

After football, tennis is the most gambled sports in the world. Often in tennis you find easier bets and it’s all about watching this sport and getting to know the progress of the tennis players or the team you are going to bet on.

Although it seems simple and at everyone’s fingertips, tennis bets have their own specificity. Being an individual sport, the analysis of a tennis match has its peculiarities. It’s not hard, but it requires information, knowledge of tennis, and constant tracking of tennis players’ performance in the recent tennis tournaments.


Understand Tennis Rules and How to Bet on Tennis              

Today’s tennis is a fast-paced sport that has many spectacular aspects. In order to better understand how to bet on tennis, you need to understand the rules of this sport, but also how the different surfaces affect the players. From here, you get the specific style of play for each surface.

Modern tennis is played with the racket and a ball on a rectangular surface with a 1.07 m mesh located at halfway of it. Whether it’s a game between 2 people (single) or 4 people (double), the purpose of the game is to prevent the opponent from sending the ball over the net in your playing area. This involves making your opponent send out of play or in the net.

A tennis match is won by making 4 points (and at least 2 points more than the opponent makes), and a set assumes 6 games, while a match requires 3 or 5 sets. In Grand Slam tournaments, men’s tennis matches play the best system in 5 sets and the rest of the tournaments they play the best of 3 sets.


What Factors are Really Important in Tennis Betting

There are several factors and it is good to know that all players have preferences and are influenced by the playing surfaces. Each player has strong points and weaknesses that are amplified by the other factors.

Surface, experience, style of play, tournament importance, playing conditions are important factors to consider in each analysis. To this we add the history of direct head (head 2 head), the results recorded over time between the 2 players, often the decisive factor.

It is clear that an experienced player knows how to adapt quickly as well as he knows the typology of the player he prefers to face. The most important types of player are service players, defensive players, full players and offensive players who prefer to come to the net (a category quite rarely seen in tennis these years).


Tennis Tips: The Impact of Playing Fields

There are 4 big Grand Slam tournaments, each playing on a different surface: Australian Open (hard), French Open (clay), Wimbledon (grass) and US Open (hard). Speaking of hard, there is hard indoor and hard outdoor as the tournament is held in the hall or outdoors.

Hard (asphalt) is the most common surface in today’s professional circuit. It is an area that gives players an advantage with strong service. As far as the tournaments on the hard play, sometimes on the carpet, are endangered. There are a few more at the end of the competition. It is an extremely fast surface, which plays spectacularly, but there are also high risk of injury.

The slowest of the surfaces, the clay, especially the red one, is a surface that the balls are long. Here, there is the advantage of players who hit with great effect, who move well on the field and have a very good physical condition, who manage to keep the ball in the field and make some unforced mistakes.

Grass advantages players who serve fast, powerful and accurate offensive players as well. However, as offensive players are getting less and less, so are the tournaments on the grass.Wimbledon saves something from the tennis image on the grass and imposes the old label of white sport.

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