If Football Players Were Superheroes

Robert LewandowskiCyclops

What binds Robert Lewandowski to the superheroe Cyclops from X-Men? Both are born with superhuman abilities!The Polish striker had already become famous when the days of Borussia Dortmund, along with Mario Götze and Marco Reus when Robert Lewandowski was able to reach the historic Champions League final against Bayern Monaco on 2013. But now he has become a fledged player – superhero, when on September 22, has scored 5 goals in nine minutes against Wolfsburg in Bundesliga. Cyclops is considered the most beloved superheroes mutant among the X-Men and the leader of his team. Similarly, Lewandowski’s teammates respect the player and know how much power and force reserve the striker of Bayern Monaco.Bettingrunner Lewandowski Cyclops superheroe

Eden HazardGreen Lantern

Just like the Eden Hazard’s crystalline ability to invent spectacular play, the ring of the Green Lantern is the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, gives the holder the ability to create any object can imagine, from the simplest to the most complex of any size, consisting of a green energy. The consistency of the creations is directly proportional to the strength of the will of the bearer of the ring, while their duration may vary. During this season at Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, proving to be the best player in the Premier League, Hazard has shown to be one of the strongest and most promising playmaker in world football.

If Football Players Were superheroes

Paul PogbaWolverine

Pogba is one of the most promising talents of the football scene. This year has proven to can drag alone his team, Juventus, to win the fourth title in a row in Serie A, against all betting odds, thanks to his strokes of genius and his lethal shots. Just like Wolverine, he sharpens his blades in the most difficult moments and has the power to regenerate and heal the wounds in a very quick time. Thanks to this ability, after a bad injury, managed to recover in time for the next Champions League final against FC Barcelona.If Football Players Were superheroes

Arjen RobbenCaptain America

He has strength, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance of pain and fatigue, recovery time, balance, reflexes and physical efficiency to levels that represent the peak of human possibilities. He has also shown that it has obtained a superhuman strength, grossing hits from characters with superhuman strength and equally enduring fallen from extreme heights. We are talking about Arjen Robben, the fantastic Bayern Munich’s and Dutch national team’s winger, which has almost the same as Captain America.If Football Players Were superheroes

Franck RibéryBeast (X-Men)

As Franck Ribéry has made the obvious scars on his face that it remains mostly a mystery. Similarly it is a mystery how Henry Philip McCoy became Beast, one of the five founder of the mutant group of X-Men. However, the appearance of Beast hides an intellect above any common mortal. And this is true even for Ribery (speaking about football qualities). The French midfielder, considered by many as one of the few active midfielders in the world, has been able to win the 2013 UEFA Best Player in Europe Award, beating off competition from Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ribery If Football Players Were superheroes

Sergio AgüeroThor

Thor has been trained to fight since he was child, just like the young Sergio Agüero who won two FIFA World Cup U20 with Argentina. Also, just like Thor, he has extensive experience in fight (Agüero currently holds the scoring record in European competitions both with Atletico Madrid and Manchester City). His other skills, like the Thor hero is the incredible intelligence field: in front of the goalkeeper the Citizen’s striker does not miss a goal, precise and fatal.

If Football Players Were superheroes

Alexis SanchezDaredevil

Cynical and extremely smart, Sanchez is the alter ego of the very strong superhero Daredevil. Unbeatable in the martial arts, incredible sense of hearing even as the Gunner’s striker position in the field, Sanchez beat his personal goals in a season record just this year with Arsenal, in his first championship in the Premier League. Explosive strength, imagination, agility and practicality, makes Sanchez the Daredevil of English, European and worldwide football.

If Football Players Were superheroes

Diego CostaHulk

Diego Costa is undoubtedly the Hulk in international football. Although there is already a known and nicknamed player as “Hulk” (the strong Brazilian playing with Zenit San Pietroburgo), in terms of strength, power, endurance, Diego Costa is the player who most resembles the green beast. When he decides to point the goalkeeper, opponents can not stop it even clinging to his ankles. So much so that the defenders are careful not to oppose it or to bother him.

If Football Players Were superheroes

Wayne RooneyThing (The Fantastic 4)

The Manchester United captain is a true force of nature. Rooney is very strong physically, able to shoot from a long distance and despite his poorly height poorly, mastered the aerial game. By himself could drive an entire offensive unit! So is the very embodiment of Thing, the massive superhero part of the Fantastic 4: powerful, indestructible, but with a big heart, just what Rooney has demonstrated towards the Red Devils supporters.

Rooney If Football Players Were superheroes

Gareth BaleBatman

Gareth Bale, in his way of playing is definitely the Batman of the playing fields. Tenacious, relentless in its raids on the wing. Bale acts in the shade and then come forward without fear in the decisive moments (as in the last 2014 Champions League final Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid), getting rid with ease of the competitors. Sure to Real Madrid has to suffer the absence of a valid aide as Robin and the presence of other superheroes equal to its level (Ronaldo for first), but in his uniqueness is the best ever. Power in the legs, running and cunning.

If Football Players Were superheroes

Luis Suárez – Martian Manhunter

Luis Suarez is the last extraterrestrial humanoid remained on Earth. Suárez, as striker and scorer is really a Martian. Nowadays there are very few players who can score like he does, which is why it is probably the last of his kind. When he sees the ball he is transformed. There are no defenders that can contain Luis Suárez. And he is well placed to bite opponents! Maybe that is why it is also one of the most hated players? When Suarez plays Barcelona starts from 1-0: football betting tipsters from our Community know this.



Neymar has a slim and light body, just the same as Spider-Man, and this is not a weakness but his strength. It is thanks to his body that Neymar manages to create surprising tricks with the ball at his feet. Exactly with the same ease as Spider-man climbs the skyscrapers of New York, the Brazilian striker enchants its opponents in an embarrassing way and then he lay them out giving the final blow also to the goalkeeper. Barcelona’s forward seems a sparrow when splashing through the jerseys players and when he places the final blow in the goal.

If Football Players Were superheroes

Zlatan IbrahimovićIron Man

There are few words to describe a complete player like Ibrahimović. Two of these are: Iron Man. The Swedish striker is exactly an iron man. Wherever he played he made havoc. Through Ajax, Juventus, Internazionale, Barcelona, Milan, PSG, Ibrahimović is remembered by his opponents as much as his teammates. He has given us extraordinary goals, strokes of genius and moments of entertainment and nervousness and despite everything and everyone always drags his team to success.

If Football Players Were superheroes

Leo MessiThe Flash

It’s really difficult to find the right superhero for Leo Messi. The Argentine is one of the best players in football history, probably as strong as Maradona and Pelè. For this he resembles more characters rather than just one. But if I were to find a superhero with its quality surely that is The Flash. Its speed and rapidity in execution are not equal to any player never existed. Passing, shooting, dribling, nutmeg. No matter what Messi wants to do, what is certain is that La Pulga do it fast, just like The Flash!

If Football Players Were superheroes

Cristiano RonaldoSuperman

The first superhero who comes to mind when talking about Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly Superman. The supereo with powers and qualities most complete: strength, intelligence, cunning, perfect fitness. The Portuguese is a records man like Messi. He scores in any way, dribble, head it and he has a strike on a free kick unstoppable. Perhaps Ronaldo missing a bit of modesty, but in some occasion even Superman has sin of arrogance against its opponents. However, both samples can always adjust the situation and get out winners.

If Football Players Were superheroes

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