In Conversation with Ali Naveed (Cricket Fever)

by Bettingrunner on December 21, 2015
In this session, we are in conversation with Ali Naveed, the founder and the sole writer of Cricket Fever – a cricket blog purely dedicated to express the opinions of the fans and to provide all the useful information to the cricket fans. Aiming to be the best cricket blog on the web, Ali has made a successful journey throughout the years for more than 8 years now. Read further and find out more about Ali and Cricket Fever.

Hello Ali, tell us a little bit about yourself
I am a 30 year old guy next door, avid movie buff, huge fan of batman, love watching superhero and fiction movies and a blogger by hobby.

How did Cricket Fever start?
It was the year 2007, Cricket blogging was still in it’s infancy and there were only a handful of cricket bloggers out there, The first ICC T20 world cup was about to start Feb 2007 followed by the IPL in 2008 which were the good times and I wanted a blog to present a fan’s perspective of the tournament and the matches and most importantly provide links to fans to catch the video highlights and information on how to buy cricket match tickets, since this vital information was not available on any other platform so I chose to start Cricket Fever to provide this vital information and cricket matches reviews to fans.

What’s your role there?
I am the founder and main blogger behind Cricket Fever

Who are the other main contributors?
Currently I am the only contributor and I do accept guest blog posts time to time.

How did you built-up this success?
I was one of the early starters in the Cricketing blog fraternity and my regular posts and coverage of the main tournaments and networking with Cricket bloggers helped me a great deal in achieving success, plus the different nature of my writing and my blog in providing match reviews and ticketing information helped a great deal in spreading Cricket fever around the cricketing world online.

What makes Cricket Fever different from others?
Cricket Fever provides matches reviews from a fan’s perspective and vital information on how a cricket fan can know about schedules and fixtures, buy match and big cricket tournament tickets and also get access to cricket highlights and videos all at the same blog is what makes Cricket Fever different from other cricket blogs.

What are some challenges you face?
The frequency of Cricket matches have certainly gone up from what it was when I started Cricket Fever back in 2007, These days Cricket is being played all around the year and it’s hard to keep track of who is playing who since there are so many series occurring during the same time so reporting about all the live games in one single time is a big challenge not only for me but also for many cricket bloggers.

What is the main goal of Cricket Fever?
To be one of the best cricket blogs ever on the Internet.January Tipster Competition

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