In Conversation with Ash Davidson (Bread and Butter Football)

by Bettingrunner on 04 January 2016
In this session we are in conversation with Ash Davidson, the co-founder of Bread and Butter Football – a platform where you can get the latest football news and also discuss your own opinions and publish your own articles. With his dear friend Jonny Shepherd, Ash found this website mainly for the purpose of writing about their passionate game of football and also giving an opportunity for the other football fans to express their opinions. Their success over the years are clearly shown with the millions of fans following on social media. Read further to find out more about Ash and Bread and Butter Football.

Hello Ash, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m 24 years old. Massive football fan, I was born in Carlisle in England. Having played football all my life, I recently did my Level 1 FA Coaching course to give something back to football and to develop my own football knowledge. I am also a little bit of a computer geek, having made a number of websites since I was 14 years old by just learning how to do it on my own, these ranged from Gaming Clan websites for Counter Strike to smaller Football websites.

How did your blog, Bread and Butter Football start?
The idea came about on the shop floor in the Carlisle B&Q store. I worked with a good friend at the time Jonny Shepherd (Co-founder) and pretty much, every time we worked together we would talk about football, what would happen? What could happen? Who is good? Who is not? So we thought. Lets make a website and see what other people think? We thought a website where people can submit articles. Jonny came up with the name Bread And Butter Football. It used to be be Black and Red too… Now in its famous green its beginning to grow and grow. Now with a 21,000 plus following on social media and over 1,000 writers signed up to the website. We must be doing something right?

What’s your role there?
I am the one overall in charge of the website and how it all fits together. Myself and Jonny oversee everything pretty much. Jonny answers majority of the emails and I keep website up to date, make sure its running fine. We manage a small number of editors and outreach workers too, and we try and keep a good presence on our Twitter and Facebook. Considering we both work full-time. Expanding the website is upon us, which is something we aim to do next year by increasing our out-reach workers, editors and social media editors.

Who are the other main contributors?
We have loads of contributors. We have our members who drop in and out every 2 weeks with an article. We have regulars who sign up and do stuff weekly with an opportunity to be promoted into outreach and editorial roles. We have Joshua who is our main regular who is our first editor to come through the regulars. We also have Ben and Dom who have just started doing outreach for us. But in terms of writers over 300 different people have added content onto the website. Hard to name them all.

How is Bread and Butter Football different from other blogs?
You can just sign up and submit your content. You can submit all your blog posts and link it back to your own blog gaining you exposure, You can grow your own following on the website with the profile system we use. All our articles go straight onto News Now which has 3.3 million reach, and recently we have signed up to Snack Media so we are now a part of the Football Fan Cast Blogging Network. So hopefully more traffic and exposure to people who write blogs already or wanting to write. We accept anyone. Whether your experienced or never done it before. We like to be known as a writers platform whether you do it for fun or actually want to go into a career in football writing.

What are some challenges you face?
Photos are a challenge. With copyright of images its hard getting the best image on articles. Main one is myself and Jonny are learning everything as we go. We are both not within the journalism field but we know what’s a good read and what isn’t. I’d say Jonny has the bigger learning curve than me as I have experience with websites, So I could tell him something and he might not get it. But he knows more about copyright and photos than me so it works both ways. Never had that many issues…Yet.

Let’s talk about football. In your opinion, who has a greater chance of winning English Premier League this season?
I’m going to be completely honest here. Any team who are either 1st or 8th could potentially win the league. There is only a 9 point gap and that’s unheard of, especially with 18 games to go. Any team to go on a winning run can either pull out, or go straight into the mix. I’d love to see how far Leicester could go. I’d also like to see Arsenal win it but more interesting, Tottenham are having there best season in my memory so far and could challenge (Sorry Jonny).

So you are a Liverpool fan. How far do you think Liverpool will advance in this Premier League season?
Liverpool…yeah. I think the pressure is totally off, Jurgen Klopp has a hard job and seems to be doing very well so far. He needs a transfer window to build his own team, he also needs a lot of luck as we have had a number of key players injured which has not helped. Ideally we still can challenge on all fronts this year, 9 points off top, 5 points off 4th and all our big games are at Anfield, make that into a fortress and we should be able to challenge for the top 4th spot. I am just frustrated as you can see what the team is capable of against the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, and Leicester but lose against Watford, Newcastle and a draw at West Brom, but that’s the famous what IF, or what could of been, makes the premiership such an amazing league.

Do you think the current situation will get better with the upcoming transfers?
I’d like to think so. Liverpool have a limited defence. We have 1 left back, 1 right back and only two capable central defenders who are average at best, so any improvement it would have to be at the back. Although I say that, only Benteke is our fit striker. On paper Liverpool have 4 good and all different types of striker but 3 of them are injured, 1 of them who is one of the best finishers in the world is always injured so its frustrating as a fan.

What are your passions, other than football and blogging?
Passions vary a little bit. I enjoy going to the gym, I love food and I enjoy travelling. I’m very laid back and chilled out so I tend to go with the flow and try new things out when I can.

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