In Conversation with Scott Burks (The Klown Times)

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In this session we are in conversation with Scott Burks, the founder of The Klown Times – A sports website for the fans by the fans. His long time passion to write about sports was turned into an award winning sports website. Him with his other few contributors, offers not only general sports news but mainly sports news full of humour and temper. Read further to find out what else Scott has told us about The Klown Times and himself.

Hello Scott, tell us a little bit about yourself. 
Well, I am a 42-year-old black dude currently living in Cincinnati, OH.  I was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Winston-Salem, NC.  I grew up a big sports fan, largely thanks to my father.  My favorite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL), New York Knicks (NBA) and New York Yankees (MLB).  During the day I am a database consultant.  At night I am an avid sports blogger and podcaster.

How did The Klown Times start? 
I’ve always wanted to write about sports, but I never did find the time to put the thoughts on paper.  That all changed one day when I was irked by something I saw on TV.  Basically it was when Randy Moss was traded from the Minnesota Vikings to the Oakland Raiders.  I didn’t like Moss’ attitude at the press conference, as I thought he squandered an opportunity to finish his career with the Vikings while he was in his prime.  I took some time to write about it, and it mushroomed to me writing on other topics.  So basically, the sports blog was started out of annoyance haha.

Do you like to us the story behind this interesting and unique name? 
Well, my nickname in college was “Clown”, mainly because I called a lot of people that (a habit I picked up from my dad).  I changed the first letter to a “K” to make it a bit more unique.  It mushroomed into a campus “organization/fraternity” called Klown, Inc.  Years later after the Randy Moss press conference I needed a name for my sports blog, so I figured I’d keep it in the family.  Thus, The Klown Times was born.

What is your role in The Klown Times? 
I am the founder/editor/main contributor

Apart from yourself, are there any other contributors to the blog? 
There are a few, namely Jeremy Winters, Lauren Woode, Bryon Vann, Chris Loupe, and Jeffery Glenn.  In a perfect world, I would love to have them contributing more often.  Unfortunately, everyone is busy – but it’s all good.

What kind of sports news do you offer to your fans? 
It’s mainly rant-driven.  Think of them as editorials but from a more humorous, slightly pissed-off point of view.

What are some challenges you face with The Klown Times?
Well, since this is the Information Age, everyone and their mamas have sports blogs.  Some are good, others frankly suck.  I’m still trying to get my name out there so I could garner more eyes and readership.  It’s a struggle, but the journey has been fun.

The Klown Times is an award winning blog. How did you built-up this success? 
It’s a grass-roots type of blog.  I’ve been advertising on Facebook , and through some sponsoring and promoting I’ve been able to garner a sizeable following, one that could always be bigger haha.

What is your ultimate goal with The Klown Times?
My ultimate goal is for The Klown Times to be recognized as a combination of the editorial genius of Grantland and the humor of Bleacher Report.  My sports blog already has a podcast called The Klown Hour, and I hope to do more podcasts going forward.  However, I think the more the contributors write, the better the sports blog would be because it would have more perspectives on a weekly basis.  Hopefully this interview would lead to more traffic and increased popularity.  Thank you in advance!

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