Interview with Paul Collins (Real Madrid News)
by Bettingrunner on 04 March 2016

Hello Paul, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi there. I’m Paul and I’m one of the co-founders of Real Madrid News, our website dedicated to all things Real Madrid. My background is in journalism and I’ve worked for a number of organisations covering all sorts of stuff from finance and business to sport and travel.  I’m from the UK but have lived in many places including almost five years in Madrid. My full time job is now in marketing and I am currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

How did Read Madrid News start?
It all started in May 2013 when a good friend of mine, Alex, and myself were working on an online marketing project and out of curiosity looked into the volume of traffic for news surrounding Real Madrid from English speaking countries. Excited by what we saw and wanting a way to write about football and keep up our journalism skills we set up the site for a bit of fun. And we’re still going strong today.

What’s your role there? Who are the other main contributors?
I co-founded the site with Alex – who is Spanish and has lived in Madrid for many years.  Along the way we’ve had loads of contributors from across the world including from Spain, the UK and the USA. We’re always open to having new and engaging content on the site so anyone wanting to write, let us know!

How is Read Madrid News different from other Real Madrid blogs?
Firstly, both Alex and myself are trained and qualified journalists with a huge amount of experience in the industry so we feel it is a very professionally written site. In terms of content, we try to cover as much as possible – from the transfer gossip that people always love to read about to covering and analysing matches, press conferences and also providing more in depth articles through our blogs and In-Depth sections. Having been accredited by the club to attend games at the Santiago Bernabeu and the Copa del Rey final and also having appeared in plenty of mainstream media such as the BBC, we are established as a trustworthy site for where to get info on Real Madrid.

Let’s talk about football. Who do you think has a greater chance of winning Champions League this season?
Realistically it’s the last chance of a trophy for Real Madrid so they will be putting all their eggs into that basket. Barcelona and Bayern Munich will be the main rivals for the competition.  I would also keep an eye out on Chelsea, who are coming into form at the right time, and Manchester City, who have pretty much given up on the Premier League and seem to be focusing on the Champions League.

At the moment, Real Madrid is the 4th in the Champions League ranking, do you think they will be able to beat the competition of the top three?
Well they have to go for it don’t they. It will be two seasons without major honours if they don’t win it and that’s not good enough for a club like Real Madrid. Despite a somewhat turbulent season on the domestic front, Real have looked strong in Europe. And with Bale, Modric and Benzema all returning in the next week or so they should be fresh and ready to go for a big final push.

How far do you think Real Madrid will advance in this season?
On their day they can beat anyone. I can see them making it all the way to the final.

Is Barcelona your strongest competitor?
In Spain, no one can really compete with them at the moment such has been their form. 34 games unbeaten is some record. They are the team to beat and Real haven’t been good enough in recent seasons against them. Domestically too Atletico de Madrid have become a real force under Diego Simeone and have worked out how to get the better of Los Blancos at the moment.

Will the current situation get better with the upcoming transfers?
That all depends on what happens with the transfer ban and whether the appeal is heard before the window opens. If they aren’t banned from signing players, I think Real will go on a big summer spree ahead of a ban and sign four or five high profile players. It will be an interesting time this summer for sure.

In your opinion who is the greatest Real Madrid player/s of all times?
Cristiano Ronaldo is the standout choice in the current era. Whatever you think of him, he’s the club’s greatest ever goal scorer and is just a remarkable player who has set new boundaries every year.  Raul was a hero of mine when growing up. Although I never saw him play, I had the honour of meeting the great Alfredo di Stefano three years ago. That is a day I will always remember – being in the presence of a true sporting icon and talking to him about the side. Amazing.

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