Interview with Yolulwe Qoshe

Hi Yolulwe, explain a bit more about yourself.

Yolulwe Qoshe is an aspiring multimedia personality who is constantly stretching the boundaries within the industry. I am competent in TV and Radio presenting, being a master of ceremonies, I have been used as vocal artist for local radio stations in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, a mentor for writers at Grocotts Mail Sport, Grhamastown where I became Sports Writer of the Year in 2015.

I have also been published twice by the premiere newspaper publication of my province the Dail Dispatch (Eastern Cape). As well as twice on Soccer-Laduma online where I have amassed the most views for a single article on the #GetPublished feature ( close to 85 000).

What is your blog about?

The Prince’s Say is basically about anything that is newsworthy. I think because people know my sporting background, and mainly my work in sport, they would assume that I am solely a sports writer. That however, is not the case as I have previously done work on Science Festivals, Entrepreneurship, and the most recent fees must fall protests. I use my blog to express the variety of topics that exist in my mind and so

What makes your blog/ Facebook page different from other blogs?  

This might be considered as an “exclusive” piece of news, as I am yet to officially announce it on any of my platforms. I feel it is the direction that my blog takes, that makes it different. I want my blog to take an “Eastern Cape focus”. This by no means entails the neglecting of other locations , but it seeks to prioritize the coverage of the talented individuals within my own province.

I feel as if there is a lot of talent that doesnt get its due coverage in the Eastern Cape, and instead of waiting around for someone else to expose it, I have taken the initiative to use my platforms as an Eastern Cape born and bread aspiring journalist, to try and elevate my people, even though I may not be the most powerful in terms of my reach yet. The send feature that distinguishes my blog is its focus on giving coverage to the talent that the bigger publications might deem not to be newsworthy. I want to serve as a platform where people can say, “This publication does not want to take me on board Yoza, can you help me?” and eventually the goal is to compete with the bigger publication and become the first port of call with regards to breaking news in my province. The facebook page/ blog is there to assist the people who support it. I have recently developed a strict but necessary policy where by, if you know about the page and you dont show your support to it, I will not use it to assist you.

Moving on to football, where do you see Manchester United finishing this season?

Now you want to expose my alliance? Haha look! My heart will always back Manchester United and that is just something I cant help. I am however a realist and having watched football for basically my whole life, I have been able to pick out certain patterns. I felt as if we had to win against Stoke City, Burnley, and Arsenal all at Old Trafford but we only got 3 out of a maximum of 9 points. it is for that reason that I believe the league is now out of our reach unfortunately, but im still confident of a top 4 finish. Having conceded on the league, I will however say that bigger point gaps have been covered in the past haha!

Do you think things have improved under Mourinho or are they still as is before he came?

listen, I feel as if people might have unfair expectations on Mourinho because of his track record. I think one has to understand and acknowledge the magnitude of this particular job. He has inherited a team of players who were taught to play football in a certain way,
which is not his philosophy. It will take more than two transfer windows or even seasons for him to put together his ideal team. I do however feel more confident when I hear Mourinho as Manchester United coach, Pogba as our midfielder, Mkhitaryan as well and Ibrahimovic as our striker. Jose reinforced well, he is the perfect coach for the team according to his track record. I just hope people will be patient with him, because we will eventually see an improvement.

Who do you think are future young up and coming superstars from the team?

Luke Shaw is one, I think his rapid rise in football at 18 makes people forget how young he still is. It is however tough for him to deal with all the expectations on his young shoulders. His injury record since joining the club has not helped either but I hope that is behind him now. Marcus Rashford is definitely the headliner for the present and future. If he keeps this calm head on his shoulders all the way, he is destined for greatness. Other future talents include Timmothy Fosu Mensah, Andreas Pereira, I havent given up on Adnan Januzaj and Memphis Depay. Camron Borthwick-Jackson and Axel Taunzebe. Also look out for the academy stars Angel Gomes, DJ Buffonge, Thahith Chong and Ro-Shaun Williams.

Do you think Mourinho’s treatment of Schweinsteiger is fair or rather harsh?

This is a trickier situation than what people think in my opinion. I say this because every manager has his system and knows the players that fit it. Schweinsteiger as good a player as he has been in the game, is not a Mourinho player. He is a position based midfielder and not a destroyer which is Mourinho’s preference. He has also become brittle over the years, which is something that has not done him any favours. However, I believe the manner in which Mourinho discarded him was disrespectful for a player of that ilk and stature. He should have spoken to him and told him that he would not be used often but will be kept training with the first team so he can try proving Mourinho wrong.

Do you see Man United making any reinforcements during the up and coming transfer window, if so who could we see coming?

If you follow Mourinho’s past, you will see that he has a history of making January signings. If you look at Manchester United’s recent past, you will find that they arent massive fans of that particular window so it is hard to tell. I personally feel as if we should not sign anyone if we cannot get a world-class player which does seem unlikely. We have solutions within the squad already and there are still players who want the chance to prove that they are the solution as well so we dont need to delve into the winter market. If I were forced to take a guess, I would say we will go back and sign Jose Fonte of Southampton. This because it seems like the only centre back Mourinho trusts is Eric Bailly who is currently injured and will soon leave for the Africa Cup of Nations in January. This is why Fonte could come in as a “stop gap” option.


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