Just Man Utd Blogs – Interview with Justin Jones


Hello Justin, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hiya. Well, I’ve been supporting United since the late eighties, my first game was aged 9 when United spanked the current champions Arsenal on the opening day of the 89-90 season. I was hooked after that but now thankful of all those successful years that I saw under Fergie. I still go to this day, I sit in the Stretford End and this weekend I was down at Wembley for the first time in a few years. Roll on the FA Cup final next month!

How did Just Man Utd Blogs start?
The chance came about to get hold of the website so I did. It’s been growing ever since and more and more United websites are getting listed on there.

What’s your role there?
Weekly maintenance of the site, updates, replying to e-mails.

Why did you think of getting blogs to submit news for you rather than having individual writers?
There are a lot of Manchester United sites out there, some are up to date, and lots aren’t. Our site lists all current and up to dates sites which have writers so it’s hopefully an easy source for people to find relevant Manchester United sites. We have the option to write in the future if that is what our fans require.

Let’s talk about football. In your opinion, who has a greater chance of winning English Premier League this season?
Has to be Leicester, they nearly slipped up last weekend but I think that late equaliser could be crucial at the end of season. It just meant they could potentially afford one more slip up (hopefully against United this weekend) even if Spurs won all their remaining fixtures.

How far do you think Manchester United will advance in this Premier League season?
I still think fourth, but aiming and hoping for fourth is a bad thing. As soon as you start aiming for a “Top 4” finish, it’s the end in my opinion. It’s all about winning, aim to win. Priority for me now this year is to WIN something and hopefully we can still do that at Wembley.

Do you think the current situation will get better with the upcoming transfers?
Any current situation, whether you’re winning lots of games or losing lots of games. Upcoming transfers can and should always been made as long as you scout well.

Who is the greatest Manchester United player of all times?
Ryan Giggs. How many appearances? How many trophies? Enough said.

If you could go back in time and watch any match in history, what would it be?
I’ve been to every cup final United have been in since I started going, except for two. The 1990 FA Cup Final and the 1990 FA Cup Final reply – so those two, then I’d have a full collection.

Apart from football, what are your other passions?
Err, soccer? Nah, I like most sports to be fair but football is my passion.



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