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Legend Football Bets is the post dedicated to the betting tips of our Verified Tipster 20Legend. Here you will find a series of professional analysis, betting previews and statistics that will make you win your football bets with the best betting odds selected on Click the button below to start receiving high-odd football safe bets.

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Legend Football Bets for today 29-07-2017

Football Bet SINGLE STAKE with safe winning rate for 29-07-2017

29-07-2017 CET 12:00
Yokohama F Marinos – Shimizu Spulse
Japan – J League

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TOT ODD: 2.18 with Sbobet *

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*The odd refers to the time it was selected by the tipster

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22-07-2017 CET 12:00
Cerezo Osaka – Urawa Red Diamonds
Japan – J League

TOT ODD: 2.28 with Sbobet *

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*The odd refers to the time it was selected by the tipster

Legend Football Bets, how it works

Our Verified Tipster 20Legend will publish every three days a single bet with high winning rate and a selection (accumulator with high multiplier) on football matches that you can play on your betting coupon. These football selections are profitable and favorable because 20Legend select his football matches with a particular professional strategy.

20Legend tipster has many years of experience on football betting and he will use the best betting strategy to beat the bookie and grow-up your profit. 20Legend assures over 60% success rate with his football betting stakesFollow the predictions you find in this article to win your bets. This is very simple, you just have to click on the buttons below the prediction published by the tipster.

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To receive the Legend Football Bets predictions select the timing you want and confirm with Paypal. You will receive daily notifications service about all football betting tips posted by 20Legend.

Why to choose Legend Football Bets strategy

Choose Legend Football Bets to win your bets on football. Our Guru Tipster, 20Legend, guarantees a high stake single betting prediction and a strategy plan really profitable for subscribers. 20Legend provides the following service to all members will get the Legend Football Bets:

  • Football Multiple Selections every week 
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Legend Football Bets REPORT

Here is the full report for Legend Football Bets so far. Check out odds, amounts and TOTAL WON:

23/07/2017NO2.26ACCA0 €
23/07/2017NO1.90SINGLE0 €
22/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.28SINGLE2,277.72 €
22/07/2017NO1.70SINGLE0 €
20/07/2017NO1.90SINGLE0 €
20/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.98SINGLE1,977.92 €
16/07/2017NO1.78SINGLE0 €
16/07/2017NO2.00SINGLE0 €
13/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.91SINGLE1,908.09 €
12/07/2017NO1.88ACCA0 €
11/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.14ACCA1,138.86 €
10/07/2017NO1.97ACCA0 €
09/07/2017NO1.83SINGLE0 €
08/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.89SINGLE1,888.09 €
08/07/2017NO2.05SINGLE0 €
08/07/2017NO1.95SINGLE0 €
06/07/2017NO3.82ACCA0 €
06/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.73SINGLE1,728.27 €
05/07/2017NO1.80SINGLE0 €
03/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.76SINGLE1,758.24 €
02/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.11SINGLE2,107.89 €
01/07/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.81SINGLE1,808.17 €
28/06/2017NO1.91SINGLE0 €
26/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.88SINGLE1,878.12 €
25/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.00 Half-WinSINGLE999.00 €
24/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.97ACCA1,968.03 €
22/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.00 Half-WinSINGLE999.00 €
21/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.00SINGLE1,998.00 €
18/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.20SINGLE2,197.80 €
18/06/2017NO1.82SINGLE0 €
17/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.03SINGLE2,027.97 €
17/06/2017NO2.20SINGLE0 €
16/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.00SINGLE1,998.00 €
15/06/2017NO1.73ACCA0 €
13/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.85SINGLE1,848.15 €
12/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.42SINGLE2,417.58 €
10/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.75SINGLE1,748.25 €
09/06/2017NO 2.04ACCA2,037.86 €
08/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.03SINGLE2,027.97 €
07/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.08SINGLE2,077.92 €
05/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.76SINGLE1,758.05 €
03/06/2017NO 2.03SINGLE0 €
02/06/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.93SINGLE1,928.07 €
31/05/2017NO 2.14ACCA0 €
31/05/2017Bettingrunner checked buttonREFUNDSINGLE0 €
30/05/2017NO1.80ACCA0 €
29/05/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.10SINGLE2,097.75 €
28/05/2017NO2.08SINGLE0 €
27/05/2017NO1.83SINGLE0 €
26/05/2017NO1.79SINGLE0 €
25/05/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.79ACCA1,788.21 €
24/05/2017NO2.05SINGLE0 €
22/05/2017NO1.96SINGLE0 €
21/05/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.44ACCA2,437.56 €
20/05/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.77SINGLE1,768.23 €
19/05/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.07ACCA2,067.79 €
18/05/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.82ACCA1,818.18 €
17/05/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.12SINGLE2,117.88 €
16/05/2017NO1.78ACCA0 €
14/05/2017NO1.75SINGLE0 €
13/05/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.87ACCA1,868.13 €
13/05/2017NO2.15SINGLE0 €
11/05/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.89ACCA1,887.77 €
10/05/2017Bettingrunner checked button2.01SINGLE2,007.85 €
08/05/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.97ACCA1,967.89 €
07/05/2017Bettingrunner checked button1.77SINGLE1,768.23 €
06/05/2017NO3.07ACCA0 €
05/05/2017NO1.92SINGLE0 €
12/11/2016Bettingrunner checked button1.95SINGLE1,947.97 €
12/11/2016Bettingrunner checked button2.99ACCA2,986.89 €
11/11/2016Bettingrunner checked button1.65SINGLE1,648.28 €
11/11/2016Bettingrunner checked button2.17ACCA2,167.74 €
07/11/2016NO2.09SINGLE0 €
07/11/2016NO2.27ACCA0 €
06/11/2016NO1.85SINGLE0 €
06/11/2016Bettingrunner checked button1.81ACCA1,808.12 €
05/11/2016Bettingrunner checked button2.32ACCA2,317.59 €

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