How to Set up a Professional Tipster Profile

Bettingrunner includes over 150 000 global active tipsters, and there is a high competition to be selected from customers of Bettingrunner Community. Don’t worry, I’m here to give you the right tips to improve your tipster profile and sell more subscriptions on Bettingrunner!

In the previous article I’ve explained the basics to start your tipster career. You can CHECK HERE if you miss it! Now I will give you more info to set the best tipster profile, how to emerge from the Tip Store and the Tipster Ranking as you will catch even more customers.

Focus On:

  • Why Pro Tipsters have more visibility on Bettingrunner
  • How to set a Professional Tipster profile
  • Why Pro Tipsters sell more subscriptions on Bettingrunner (earning up to €600 with only 1 subscripton sold)

Why should you follow these tips?

Following this quick guide you will be more attractive than the rest of the other tipsters around the Bettingrunner Community. These are simply steps to set your professional tipster profile on I can assure you that it is nothing complicated! Thanks to my tips, your tipster profile will start to sell more and more tipster subscriptions and you’ll get big profit with the highest tipster levels.

Bettingrunner Tipster Profile

Check out the chart above. Our analysis on professional tipster profiles can show that our users are much more attracted to a professional profile. Generally, 66% of Bettingrunner users prefer to subscribe to a professional profile. Moreover, a professional profile receives 85% more visits than standard profiles. It means you can increase your chance of selling by 80/90% setting a profile with quality.


What I mean with professional profile?

A professional profile is a tipster profile well filled.

It means:

  • you have upload a good picture
  • you filled in a nice profile description
  • you have the Verified Tipster certification

Improvement you can achieve:

  • Tipster Levels – If you want do discover the benefit of the Tipster Levels you can read these GUIDE

Profile Picture

Upload a picture it’s required to post new betting tips. But you will sell a lot of subscriptions only if you have uploaded a great picture! The perfect picture shows your face. Alternatively, you can upload the logo of your Facebook group or website if you have one. Avoid to upload stupid pictures. It’s the best way to lose all customers. Stupid images turns users away.

This is because our customers are looking for reliability and professionalism. The Internet is full of crooks, do not be one of them! Check out below some example of good and bad profile pictures uploaded by our tipsters:

Set professional tipster profile Bettingrunner

Profile Description

The profile description is the second important factor that will bring your tipster profile to a higher professional level. The majority of our users stay impressed by the description of the tipster. This is because they take seriously what you write about your betting expertise.

This is the reason why you have to be the clearer possible when you insert your profile description. Avoid to use spectacular words or useless promises. Your customer wants to know if he can trust you, simple! You may not enter SPAM text on your tipster profile. It will be checked by the Bettingrunner Admins and your profile will be blocked, as stated in the Bettingrunner Community Rules.

Here are few examples picked from some tipsters profile on :

«22 year old guy from Sweden who loves betting. I play on average odds of 1.5-2.5 and I love to play on over/under games. I read up and all my tips are well analyzed. If you are looking to make steady profit, you’ve came to the right place!»

«I am a professional tipster and my results will pay you off. Mainly football but also basketball tips, as wall as baseball and also some tennis. **Follow my Twitter account for Free Bets and Bookies Offers»

«Hello, I am Profesional expert in betting with all kind of inside and secret information.Over 20 years of experience in the betting world making good profit on daily basis with excellent information.Connected with 9 respectable secret forums and group»

Verified Tipster

Earn the Verified Tipster certification is a step forward to make your profile even more professional. In the eyes of the users, see the certification badge in your profile is a guarantee and they will be more agreeable to check your performance and then subscribe to you.


Our statistics say that 93% of customers preferes to subscribe from a Tipster Card with the Verified Tipster certification from the Tip Store and 97% of customers subscribe from the Verified Tipsters Ranking. You must have that badge!


Tipster Levels

Tipster Levels help you to earn more money from your susbcriptions sold. The Standard Tipster earn 0,99€ selling a 1 week subscription. The Exclusive Tipster earn 69,49€ selling a 1 week subscription. There is a little difference, don’t you think? You should have to do the maximum to get a monthly tipster level higher and higher! If you want to find how to increase your tipster level CLICK HERE

Bettingrunner Tipster Levels

How I can set my tipster profile?

Do you want to set the changes necessary to improve your tipster profile and become a Pro Tipster? It’s easy! You have to sign-in on Bettingrunner with your credentials, select “Settings” from the dropdown menu (right-top for pc desktop or left-top for mobile). Then select the section you want to change. For example, if you want to upload a new profile picture, go to My Profile Photo and upload your new picture profile. Recap:

  1. Sign-up on with your credentials
  2. Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu
  3. Find the section you want to update and make your changes
  4. Save all updates when you finished

Contact us for our help!

Free Tipster Profile Valuation Bettingrunner

This guide contains the main information about how to set-up a professional tipster profile. We would be happy to have your feedback. Tell us your tipster experience on Bettingrunner. Let us know if this article helped you improve your career in the Bettingrunner Community. Did your subscriptions sold increased? I’m sure you will be able to tell us your positive experience and share it with the other tipsters in the Bettingrunner Community ?

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