The Pride of London – Interview with Ajitesh Rasgotra

by Bettingrunner on 05 April 2016

Hello Ajitesh, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a London-based student with a keen interest in almost anything sports-related. Currently studying economics at university, writing and being editor of The Pride Of London provides me with a great way to get away from it all. Most of my free time is spent watching or playing sport; I regard myself as somewhat of an armchair expert…

How did The Pride of London start?
It was founded in 2014 to be the Chelsea FC-focused website for the FanSided network. I only jumped on board as a staff writer in the winter of 2014, before becoming an editor in June 2015. Fortunately, all the initial ground work done by founder Khaled Abdallah provided a great platform for us to grow phenomenally in the last year and a half.

Who are the other main contributors to your blog?
Of course, Khaled deserves a mention as one of the men who really helped this site get off the ground. We have a great and extensive group of writers who contribute passionately to the site and they all deserve credit for how far we have come (and are going). Furthermore, we are always welcoming new contributors on board so if you’re interested, get in touch!

How is The Pride of London different from other Chelsea blogs?
We try to focus on opinionated articles, but I don’t particularly care what our writers think! If they can present their arguments well (which they always do), then it doesn’t matter whether they are toeing the line or going against the grain. The great thing about the site is that we will regularly have multiple voices that contrast in their viewpoints. It’s fantastic to have a range of opinions to give a more authentic feel to the blog. After all, we are run by fans, for fans. I also like to think we have top Facebook and Twitter accounts.

What are some challenges you face?
The major challenge this season has of course being trying to find strength to write about Chelsea when they have been absolutely awful. Fans don’t really want to read or write about their club when things are going badly so the challenge has been in creating original and interesting content. Of course, co-ordinating the site and the content from the staff writers alongside my studies is a tough task, but it’s an enjoyable one nonetheless.

Let’s talk about football. In your opinion, who has a greater chance of winning English Premier League this season?
It just has to be Leicester City, doesn’t it? The Foxes are comfortably clear at the top and if they keep their heads down, it is certainly theirs to lose. All those fears of them choking have vanished as they have put in increasingly determined and resilient performances each week. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to the final day, though, because trust Chelsea to ruin everyone’s fun and somehow win…

How far do you think Chelsea will advance in this Premier League season?
Top six is unlikely so I’m going to say eighth. The Blues have a game in hand on a few teams above them, but they still look like they could drop numerous points as the season reaches its end.

Do you think the current situation will get better with the upcoming transfers?
It can’t get much worse haha. Antonio Conte has just been confirmed as the incoming boss and he will undoubtedly have transfer targets in mind. After a poor transfer window last summer, Chelsea will be eager to make amends this time around. While it may not result in a title next season, it will certainly mean significant progress.

Who is the greatest Chelsea player of all time?
We actually have a top 50 countdown of this on the site and Frank Lampard sits at the summit. The Englishman definitely warrants my vote. He was one of the greatest midfielders to play not just for Chelsea, but in the Premier League. Furthermore, the class with which he went about his business only added to his appeal. Sorry, Gianfranco, Lampard is the one.

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