How to become a Verified Tipster

Verified Tipster, how to become easily

Follow these 7 easy steps to become Verified Tipster on and increase your visibility (and of course, your revenues!). Check these simple checklist to become a Recommended Tipster and increase your subscriptions sold on

Become a Verified Tipster, it’s very simple! This is all you need to do to get this VIP certification:

 Complete your user profile with photo, description, expertise

– Login on
– Go to the drop-down MENU
– Click on “Settings
– Complete all required spaces

 Complete your Sellers profile (insert Paypal account)

– Login on
– Go to the drop-down MENU
– Click on “Settings”
– Scroll down to “Seller Account” area and click
– Complete with your Paypal account and IBAN (required for payments over € 100)

Fill in the form with your exact Paypal email and your IBAN (if you have). This is important because Bettingrunner will send your monthly revenues to this email. If you update or change your Paypal email, please remember to update also your Seller Account or Bettingrunner will send the payment to an incorrect email.

 Add at least 1 social profile (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram)

– Login on
– Go to the drop-down MENU
– Click on “Settings”
– Scroll down to “Social Backlinks”
– Copy the link of your Facebook Fanpage / Group / Personal profile / Twitter or Instagram profile, ect.
– Paste the link on the corresponding space

10 steps sell more bettingrunner

To be a Verified Tipster you must insert a social link in your Settings profile from your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

 More than 15 checked betting tips (overall)

 Hit rate more than or equal to 40% (monthly)

 Positive profit (overall)

 Last betting tip published not longer than 1 month ago

⚠ After you have completed all these steps, you will automatically be in the Recommended Tipsters & Verified Tipsters category.

What do you need to become Verified Tipster

Complete Tipster profileBettingrunner checked button
Complete Paypal / Seller accountBettingrunner checked button
Social accountsBettingrunner checked button
+15 verified betting tips overallBettingrunner checked button
40% hit rate monthly Bettingrunner checked button
Overall profit positiveBettingrunner checked button
Active profileBettingrunner checked button

Verified Tipster, which are the advantages?

Here are the advantages of becoming a Recommended Tipster on Bettingrunner:

1. Gain more visibility on Tipster Ranking & Tip Store

Your profile will be displayed in the Recommended and Verified Tipster categories in the Tipster Ranking page. This VIP ranking is displayed both in the front page and by clicking on the dedicated button and is currently the favorite page of our buyers.

You will have a special space on the Bettingrunner TIP STORE for the recommended section. This is an exclusive showcase for you and your profile, a truly unique that only few tipsters may have. All users who visit the Tip Store have the chance to see the predictions written by the tipsters of the community. But only Verified Tipsters have the chance to boast a reserved section on the store.

2. More exposure to potential buyers

According to our statistics, Tipster Ranking page has the most visited and most conversion rate. Being in these Recommended category will give you the chance to expose your accounts more to the buyers than the tipsters who are not presented in there. Our statistics say 87% of buyers purchase through Verified Tipsters. Buyers are seeking for verified predictions, and your profile will be definitely their target. This means you will be selling more subscriptions.

3. Your profile will be promoted through newsletters

Verified Tipster will be the starring of Bettingrunner emails. They are used as the Recommended Tipsters in our special newsletters sent to our buyers. They are more likely to subscribe to a “Verified Tipster” than others. So this also gives you a great advantage over “normal” tipsters.

All Bettingrunner users will know who are Verified Tipsters regularly and what are their betting predictions. Through these emails you will be able to sell more subscriptions and always have the right visibility thanks to more traffic to your tipster profile.

Then complete now you Tipster Profile!


4. Boost your tipster profile reliability

Thanks to the Verified Tipster certification users will know immediately that you are an expert tipster, with good statistics and they will be even more incentive to buy your subscription. Without a doubt. this is an essential help for you to sell more subscriptions!

⚠ Remember! If later on your performance becomes not acceptable, then Bettingrunner admins will be removing you from the Recommended Tipsters ranking. So make sure you keep up with the standards of Bettingrunner community.

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