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BetDAQ review a complete report on BetDAQ site and mobile app


It is the second biggest betting exchange online, it covers every sports. Sign up, place your first bet up to €25 and if you lose BetDAQ gives it back.
BetDAQ Bonus Pack - how easy is to redeem it
Betdaq offers a €25 no lose bet to new customers in their first bet. This means that if their first bet of up to €25 loses, Betdaq will refund it. New customers can avail this Betdaq free bet if they meet the wagering requirements of the company. Aside from this there are also other Betdaq bonus offered on the site. One of them is the recently concluded competition in which the winner gets tickets to the Champions League final in Lisbon which was offered by Betdaq promotions. SIGN UP
BetDAQ online review
Betdaq is an online betting exchange based in Alderney. It’s the second biggest betting exchange today and is owned by Global Betting Exchange Alderney(GBEA) Limited. In 2013, GBEA was bought by Ladbrokes PLC and this in effect made Betdaq a part of the Ladbrokes group. Betdaq operates through the license obtained by Ladbrokes from the Government of Gibraltar.
Odds and Markets
As a betting exchange, Betdaq doesn’t put a margin on the odds it offers. This is why Betdaq odds are generally better than the odds offered by many online bookmakers. The site earns money by getting a commission on the winnings of players on the site. It now only charges a 3% commission on winnings. This is much lower than what Betfair, its biggest competitor charges. When it comes to markets, Betdaq offers a very comprehensive coverage of more than a hundred football leagues all around the world.
BETDAQ is powered by a betting exchange platform operated by Exchange Platform Solutions Limited commonly known as the “EPS platform.” This platform uses state-of the-art proprietary software which ensures that bets on the exchange are backed by enough funds. The site uses 1024 bit VeriSign digital certificates to protect customer data.
Betdaq’s website uses a simple layout that enables its users to easily navigate the site. A list of events can be seen on the left part of the page, while the current markets are on the middle, and a guide which helps users understand the different items on the site is seen on the right part of the page. The site uses decimal odds and only has an English version.
Mobile Betting
The Betdaq mobile app can be downloaded by users on Apple’s AppStore and Google PlayStore. With this, users can logon to their accounts, place back or lay bets, and make early cash out on their bets. It’s one of the fastest, user friendly and most secure betting apps today. Aside from this app, there’s also the Betdaq mobile site which anybody can view on his mobile device without downloading anything.
Live Streams
Betdaq live betting is always offered on the site everyday. It offers odds on many in-play events from different countries all over the world daily. But as of now there are still no Betdaq live streams that can be watched on the site.
Forms and Stats
There is no section in the website that offers stats and valuable information to its users. This is perhaps one of its weaknesses. Hopefully a stats section will be featured on the site so that punters will not have to visit other sites just to get the information they need.
More About Betdaq
Betdaq’s markets itself as “The People’s Betting Exchange” and as a better alternative to Betfair which it claims charges high commissions and withdrawal fees. It’s also working closely with GamCare in helping to promote responsible gambling.

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