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How it works

If you have any difficulty understanding how BettingRunner works, read the FAQ at the bottom and find answers to all your problems in few seconds.

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Selling tips on Bettingrunner
Bettingrunner Register to the site
Start selling your betting tips on Bettingrunner now! Open a new account with a valid email address, choose a profile picture and write a catchy description to appeal your followers and buyers. In the SETTINGS section, you can add your Paypal account to collect your revenues by selling your bet tips.
Bettingrunner Select sports events
To create your first betting tip, simply login and click on MY STORE label on the top left. Then by clicking "Add new Tips" button, you can make your own new bet tips (single or multiple) to sell. You can also find "Add new tip" short cut in the drop down menu placed at top left, next to your profile picture.
Bettingrunner Add a title & Description
This is your chance to be creative and attract customer. Choose a catchy title and explain your prediction in depth in the text field. And describe the selected event. Buyers love to read the predictions in detail with enriched-statistics and betting analysis before subscribing to a tipster. The content should be at least 200 characters long. You can write the predictions in 18 different languages.
Bettingrunner Pubblish and promote
Now post your tip and get some buyers rolling in. Our studies show that promoted tips sell 300% more. You can easily share your predictions on your Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ and other social networks. If you own a punters fan page on Facebook, post your betting slips there and they will start to share it with more punters. Every month we will transfer your revenues to you Paypal account.
Register to Bettingrunner
Add a New Tip
Add a Title & Description
Publish & Promote
Buying tips on Bettingrunner
Bettingrunner Search in the Tip Store
Our online Tip Store has hundreds of quality betting tips from world class betting experts. You can check their hit rates to understand on what and where to bet. With their best tips will help you make the right betting choices to lower the risk.
Bettingrunner Verify Tipster Stats
Once you have found the type of bet tips you are looking for, check out the Tipsters Rankings. As a buyer, it’s important to review the most important features to understand what exactly you’ll be receiving. Examine elements such as betting tip page description and tipsters ratings from previous buyers to get a good indication of the tipsters’ performance.

The tipster profile will give you a conclusion of his success, in terms of hit rate, yield, ranking position, posted predictions (if they are free or for sale) and most importantly his profit.
Bettingrunner Subscribe to Tipster
To subscribe a Tipster, simply go to a sellers profile and click on the "Subscribe" button or click "Bet now" on the bet tip. A new window will appear. There, insert your contact details and choose your appropriate subscription duration to complete the order. The 6 months betting tips package is the most convenient, while the 1 month package is our best-seller.
Bettingrunner Read the Betting Tips
To view your purchase, please login to Bettingrunner and click on "MY STORE" in the top left. Your My Store dashboard will show a summary of all your buying and selling activities. The "Buy" tab gives you a centralized view of all of your orders. You can utilize this section to review orders with the use of filters to view active and completed orders. When your subscription is about to expire, we will send you a notification email.
Search in the Tip Store
Verify Tipster Stats
Subscribe to Tipster
View Your Subscription/s
BettingRunner Help Centre - FAQ

Here you can find a listing of the most important links to help you use BettingRunner.

1. What is BettingRunner
BettingRunner is the only online marketplace where tipsters around the world can offer their betting predictions free or for sale, on sporting event and also users can subscribe to the predictions of the tipsters to win their bets.
2. What can I do with BettingRunner
  • Get more than 1000 daily predictions
  • Write predictions for more than 200K sport events
  • Compare the best odds among the best bookmakers
  • Get the betting advice from more than 150K global tipsters
  • Know who is the strongest tipster of the month
  • Win your bets thanks to the advice of the tipsters
  • Improve your betting strategies
3. Why should I use BettingRunner
1. To win money with your bets
2. To increase the chances of winning with accurate tips
3. To save time making the betting tips
4. To get the betting advice from more than one tipster at a time
5. To follow the best tipsters in the world
6. To make money by selling your own sports tips
7. Most of all, to ease your life with our betting tips!
4. How do I register on BettingRunner
BettingRunner is free and anyone can join the community without paying anything.
Go to Bettingrunner home page and click on the Register button on the top right corner. When the next window appears, enter the data required: user name, email, country.
After completing the registration form, you will receive an e-mail to the email address you provided. Click on the confirmation link in that email, to complete the registration process. And now you are a confirmed user in Bettingrunner. Now you can read the betting tips, vote or follow the tipsters and purchase subscriptions.
IMPORTANT: you’ll find your access PASSWORD in the first email that BettingRunner sends you. That email subject title is “Activate your account“. If you cannot find that email or you have forgotten your password, you can click on the “forgot password” to REQUEST A NEW PASSWORD and later you can also change it from your profile SETTINGS.
5. How to complete my profile on BettingRunner?
To continue the journey further on BettingRunner, the first step is to complete your personal profile on BettingRunner. You can modify this from Profile Settings in your account after you logged in. Follow all the steps of the guided navigation when you get your first access. Insert:
  • A photo/picture of your profile. Remember that the photo is your calling card for all users of the BettingRunner community. Have you ever put "LIKE" to a Facebook profile page without photos? The answer is no! The same goes to BettingRunner. The photo is a crucial element to be a TOP Tipster. (see Tipster Levels).
  • Your profile description (Something about me). Users, especially those who are interested in buying your predictions, are interested in knowing your previous experience with betting, your expertise, sports you prefer and what are your tipster features. This is where you let your potential buyers know why they should subscribe to you and that’s why description is a crucial element to be a TOP Tipster (see Tipster Levels).
On Profile Settings you can also change your access password of your account (you can change the default password that BettingRunner give you for the first access), you can change the country, insert links to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to share with friends your updates. Finally you can enter your PayPal account email in order to collect the payments received from sales of your subscriptions.
6. Where do I find the best tipsters of BettingRunner?
Tipster Ranking is the place to find the best tipsters of BettingRunner community. Here are all the best tipsters based on their results of their betting predictions. Tipster Ranking shows the best tipster of the month and you can use the filters to see ranking in the last 3 months, overall, rookie or recommended tipsters. You can also filter based on a particular sport or to order tipsters based on profit or yield. Also on this page you can find the ranking of the TOP Sellers and most popular tipsters of the community.
7. Where can I find all betting tips?
You find all betting tips written by tipsters of community on Tip Store. Betting predictions are available mainly in English and 17 other languages. You can change the language on the bottom of the page on BettingRunner (or using the dedicated menu on the right top corner). On Tip Store, you can click on the options and filters, you can choose which bet predictions to reading, which sports, which category and the event of your interest. On the cards of the TIP STORE you’ll find the potential winning of the tipster concerning the single game and the multiplier of his choice. To read a prediction further, simply click to READ TIPS.
8. How to read betting tips?
To read a prediction and all its details click on READ MORE button, located in the middle of the prediction page. On BettingRunner there are free and for sale betting tips. To read for sale predictions, you must subscribe to the tipster in order to read the description fully and to know which kind of odds the tipster played. You can simply click SUBSCRIBE green button to subscribe to a tipster. You can choose the type of subscription (1 week, 1 month, 2 months or 6 months) and prices depending on the level of the tipsters. On this page you can find, on the right, the main statistics of the tipster (hit rate and position ranking).
9. How the odds comparison works?
The odd comparison system on BettingRunner selects the highest bookmakers' odds (therefore the most profitable) proposed by bookmakers at our disposal for each sports event. Whenever a tipster posts his betting prediction, he can choose the best option at that time among several bookmakers available.

For example if the tipster wants to bet on FC Barcelona and Real Madrid - HOME victory, and the choices are among 1.80 / 1.85 and 1.95 from different bookmakers, BettingRunner propose to play the betting tips with the bookmakers that offer 1.95 for FC Barcelona HOME victory. The odd selected by the tipster is the best that he chooses at that moment, but the same odd may vary depending on the bookmakers' changings during the time. In this case the tipster prediction remains unchanged.
10. What is a Tipster Subscription?
A Tipster Subscription is the main service offered by bettingrunner.com. All tipsters on BettingRunner Community publish their betting predictions on the Tip Store, free or for sale. Users don't know the details of tipsters predictions (for example, the type of betting odds, confidential information of the tipster, detailed statistics on the game, etc.) if the tipster betting tip is for sale.

A subscription is a purchasing package of all betting tips from a tipster for a specific period of time. Users will see all the predictions of a tipster only if they purchase a subscription to the tipster. They will see these betting tips for the duration of the subscription period. Users will know the type of odds, read the full description of the betting prediction, and most of all, they will receive an email notification as soon as the tipster has published a new prediction.

It means that if you subscribe to a tipster for a week, you'll receive all the betting tips that he writes for a week. This is the quickest and most effective way to win bets thanks to the advice of the tipster subscription.
11. How to subscribe to a tipster?
You can subscribe to a tipster in BettingRunner community by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE green button on the right (or at the bottom) in the prediction page. You can choose the type of subscription (1 week, 1 month, 2 months or 6 months) and the prices will depend on the level of the tipsters. To confirm your order you must complete the payment fields. After payment confirmation, you will see all the predictions of the tipster that you have subscribed and you can bet directly on a prediction from BettingRunner with the best odds of the bookmakers. When the subscribed tipster has posted new predictions, you will be notified by email.
12. What’s the duration of my tipster subscription?
On BettingRunner you can choose the duration of the subscription of a tipster. You can make this choice at the time of subscription when you click on SUBSCRIBE button. You can choose:
  • 1 week subscription
  • 1 month subscription
  • 2 months subscription
  • 6 months subscription
The subscription prices are different according to their duration and the level of the tipster you have selected (SENIOR, EXPERT, GURU, EXCLUSIVE).
13. What are the advantages of buying a tipster subscription?
When you subscribe to a tipster you can read all the betting tips posted by that tipster on BettingRunner without any restrictions (users they don’t subscribed can’t see everything). You will have the advantage of knowing what kind of odds the tipster has decided to predict for a certain sporting event, as well as all the details of his analysis and his prediction statistics. Additionally, you can choose to bet on the betting tips of your tipster with the best odds available from all the bookmakers.
14. Where do I find all the predictions of the tipsters which I have subscribed?
After purchasing a subscription, go to MY STORE (by clicking in the top right corner after log-in) and go to your BUY tab. There you will find a summary of all new betting tips posted by the tipster that you have purchased. In default, it is sorted by date and you can also order per odds amount. You can filter the betting tips for sports, category and event. In the BUY tab, you can also see active subscriptions, subscriptions expired, and all the tipsters you've chosen to follow (by clicking the follow button). Every time your subscribed tipster post a new betting tip, you’ll receive an email. So you won’t miss any prediction of your subscriptions. So make sure you check out for our emails!
15. Why I see difference between the odds on Bettingrunner and odds on bookmaker's site?
As you know the bookmakers' odds are never the same during the time. They go up or down from when they're released by bookmakers to the beginning of the sports event. Our comparison system is updated every hour to get the latest odd of the whole betting market. This means that a written or modified betting prediction at a different time of the day may have different odds, it depends on the variations of the bookmakers.

Due to continuous changes in the bookmakers' odds, the information shown on Site and current information on the bookmakers' or third party web sites may be different. Always check the odds at the bookmakers' before placing a bet. Neither the Provider of the Site nor anyone associated with the Site accepts any responsibility whatsoever for any loss that may be sustained as a result of the use (or misuse) of the odds presented on the Site, irrespective of how that loss might be sustained.
16. Where can I find all the statistics of a tipsters?
You can find all the statistics of a tipster on their profile pages. You can check his profile page by clicking on the name of the tipster in the prediction of the TIP STORE or by clicking its name from the TIPSTER RANKING. The lists all of tipster statistics are at the bottom of the tipster profile page. By default, the statistics are set as overall (since the tipster is registered to the community). But you can choose to sort the lists by profit, yield, number of tips, hit rate or rank, for the last 3 months or for the last month.
17. How can I earn money with tipster subscriptions?
If you want to earn extra money with betting predictions, BettingRunner is the right place for you. You can sell one or more subscriptions by choosing to put your betting tips for sale. Click here to know how to write a betting tips for sale. After your bet tips are on sale, users can choose to subscribe to you if they think you are worth spending for. Having an interesting profile and keeping your betting stats higher, will definitely help you in this. Whenever a user on BettingRunner decides to subscribe to your predictions, you’ll receive an email, and also an internal notification message directly to your BettingRunner profile.
18. How do I write betting tips for sale?
Writing betting tips for sale on BettingRunner is easy, just follow these easy steps:
  • Click on NEW TIPS on the dropdown menu in the top right corner.
  • Choose the sport, event & match you want to predict.
  • Select the odds best suitable for that match
  • Set the (virtual) amount you want to bet for the betting tips and click on CONTINUE.
  • Fill all the mandatory fields in the prediction form: TITLE, LANGUAGE and CONFIDENT level.
  • In this page, set Display on Market: FOR SALE
  • You can choose to write a Speedy Betting Tips or a descriptive betting tip. Learn more about Speedy Betting Tips. Attention!If you want your betting tips to appear on the TIP STORE with more visiblity to the buyers, you should include a correct DESCRIPTION text on your prediction. Otherwise, it will not appear on the TIP STORE.
  • Finally, click on SAVE TIPS
Now your betting tips is completed and buyers can subscribe to you.
IMPORTANT: If you don’t see your betting tips on BettingRunner TIP STORE, most likely you have posted Speedy Betting Tips. Read the next point about Speedy Betting Tips!
19. What are Speedy Betting Tips?
When you add new betting tips on BettingRunner, you can decide whether to write a DESCRIPTION of your betting tips, or add the prediction without the description text. These fast betting tips without a description are Speedy Betting Tips, which makes is easier for you to post very quickly!

Attention! Speedy Betting Tips are not visible on the TIP STORE, so if you only write Speedy Betting Tips, nobody will see your predictions on TIP STORE and they will only be visible on your tipster profile. This might be a risk if you want to attract the buyers for your tips. Adding the description to betting tips is highly recommended, especially if you want to have more visibility.

You can find Speedy Betting Tips only on MY STORE and the tipster profile page. The Speedy Betting Tips will be countes in the statistics for Tipster Ranking for profit, hit rate, yield, etc.
20. How the Tipster Levels works
Best tipsters in BettingRunner gain an experience level (certification) in their status profile each month. The 5 levels are: HIGHER, SENIOR, EXPERT, GURU and EXCLUSIVE. The Tipster Levels prove the experience rate of a tipster in the Bettingrunner Community.

The price of subscriptions increased with tipster levels; higher the tipster level is and more earnings the tipster gets with its subscriptions. New tipsters on BettingRunner has no level at first. According to HIT RATE, number of followers, number of predictions posted and number of subscriptions purchased, tipsters reach a new level every month.

Statistics to count the levels are on a monthly basis. This means that a tipster gains a new level only if it reaches the sufficient number of followers, predictions and subscriptions sold, within a month. If the tipster does not reach the required target, he loses the level. See How to improve your tipster level page to read all the requirements needed to reach a higher level. Remember that, profile photo and description on your profile are needed to acquire the level.
21. How can I contact BettingRunner for any assistance
You can contact BettingRunner via email or social media. We are available on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BettingRunner/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/bettingrunner
Google+ : https://plus.google.com/105835725204394150184/
Our email address : [email protected]
We are happy to assist you in any issue and guide you in the right direction and we also welcome all your feedbacks!

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