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Betfair review a complete report on Betfair site and mobile app


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Betfair Bónusz Csomag - milyen egyszerû, hogy kiváltsa
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Betfair online vélemények

Betfair began its operations in 2000 and is now the biggest betting exchange in the world. It was originally based in West London but in 2011 it relocated its main office in Gibraltar where it is now registered and licensed. It now has 4 million customers all over the world and has a weekly turnover of about €50 million. Betfair is also a publicly traded company listed in the London Stock Exchange and has an estimated market capitalization of €1 billion.
Odds and Markets
One thing everyone should always remember about Betfair is that it isn’t a typical bookmaker; it’s a betting exchange. This also means Betfair odds are usually better than what the bookmakers offer because it doesn’t make money based on margin, but rather on the commissions it earns on the winnings of customers.
Betfair’s website has a very simple and functional design so users can easily get around the site. It’s available in many languages so people from non-English speaking countries can still use the site with ease. Just like the websites of other big sports betting sites, it can be easily loaded in different web browsers and also has a mobile version.
Sports bettors just need to click the sports icon on the top menu of the homepage to get into the betting exchange part of the site. Once they get into the main page of the exchange, one of the things they’ll immediately notice is the list of in-play events on the main content. This is a big help to bettors because they can immediately know the latest odds on the live events. And unlike in other sites, users will not be overwhelmed by any animation or unnecessary objects on the pages because the site has a very functional design.
Mobile Betting
Betfair mobile has all the features of the full site so punters can use it whenever they’re outside. Betfair also has an app that’s available on Android and iOS. Aside from the official Betfair app, there are also other betting apps developed by other companies which can be downloaded on Betfair’s site such as the BetAngel app that can help users in sports trading.
Live Streams
Betfair live streams are available for football matches across different leagues. They are of high quality and usually have English commentary. Betfair live betting have a very special feature that lets bettors make early cash out on their bets so they can lock in their profits.
Forms and Stats
Betfair provides its customers not just all the information they need in betting, but also a wide range of tools which can help them in trading. There’s also the Betfair forum where punters can share their strategies.
More About
Betfair pioneered the concept of a betting exchange. Its founders, Andrew Black and Edward Wray have won the Ernst and Young Emerging Entrepreneur Award of the Year Award. The company was also a recipient of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the Innovation category in 2003.

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