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Handball betting tips

Handball is a great chance for the punters to earn profit, with many possible betting options and several leagues available. Even it's not a top international sport, handball betting tips are followed with attention by punters from all over the world. If you are not an expert in handball, don't worry: professional handball tipsters from BettingRunner community have latest tips for you, and also smart strategies to win with the handball predictions.

Handball Betting: Tips for a Good Strategy
First and foremost key is getting informed about which teams are the best in handball and who are the best players, specially the goalkeepers. Scoring is always high in most matches and passive game is penalised. It's very important to block the goals of the opponent: it's smart betting on a team with a good goalkeeper than on the most scoring team. A charismatic goalkeeper is capable of diminishing the trust of the opponent during a match.
A perfect handball prediction also takes into account teams form, recent trends and previous stats. If you are not a newbie handball tipster you never back a draw: even the odds for a draw are very high this score is very unlikely. Anyway you can find high handball odds on BettingRunner, which compares more than 60 bookmakers to provide the most competitive odds available.

Frequent Injuries Affecting Handball Tips
A good handball tipster is always aware of injuries and news about the teams. Check for current achievements and injuries of the key players to get a better understanding of the team with more potential to win. Handball is a sport where injuries occur very often, due to overuse. Recent studies show an average 2.5 injuries per 1000 player-hours: incidence grows up during games (14.3 injuries per 1000 game-hours).

Popular Handball Odds

  • Match Betting
    Predicting the winner of the match with a draw outcome; choosing a particular team as the winner of the match.

  • Half-time match betting
    Predicting the team who will have more scores after the half-time; choosing the team who will beat the opponent after the half-time, not from the beginning of the match.

  • Over/Under Goal betting
    Predicting if the total goals of the match will be more (over) or less (under) than the odds by the bookies.

  • Handicap betting
    The weaker team (decided by the bookmakers) is given a handicap, as goals. Therefore the odds for both teams will not be much different, nearly equal. The odds of the favorite team will be rise and the odds of the underdog will fall.

  • Other bets
    - Total number of goals = odd/even
    - Total number of goals in the 1st half = odd/even
    - Total number of goals in the 2nd half = odd/even
    - Total number of goals = 1st half < 2nd half
    - Total number of goals = 1st half > 2nd half

Brief Introduction to Handball
Handball is a team sport played by more than 20 million people all around the world. This fascinating sport is played throughout the world from 1939, when it was introduced as an outdoor sport in the Summer Olympics.
Beach handball, field handball, mini handball and street handball are the different versions of handball. The top handball events like the international & national championships and super leagues are held throughout the year. IHF World's Men's Handball Championship and IHF World's Women's Handball Championship are the most popular handball event.

Top Handball Players
Currently, the top handball male players are Mikkel Hansen, Nikola Karabatic, Filip Jicha, Domagoj Duvnjak, Slawomir Szmal, Ivano Balic and top handball female players are Eduarda Amorim, Andrea Lekic, Alexandra do Nascimento.

Why Choose BettingRunner for Handball Tips
It's highly recommended to refer to the best handball tipsters in the Bettingrunner community; their level of expertise is able to provide you money from the lest known handball leagues. If you are a good handball tipster you can start selling your tips too.

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