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Football betting tips from Bettingrunner to increase your winning rates. Choose the betting tip or accumulators from the best football tipster to find out the football betting strategies you need to succeed. You can make subscribe to the top football tipsters in the Tipster Ranking page to guantee your bet winnings!

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Europa League, Mondo Club tips

check the best Europa League betting predictions for today and tomorrow

Europa League Betting
The UEFA Europa League have the same pull like Champions League around the globe. However, when it comes to football betting it is an incredibly exciting tournament. Europa League betting is popular as much as it is to watch.
Even if the Europa League betting in the early stages seems quite hard, with a little bit of effort and help, you can put up quite a big fight. Study the below given Europa League betting tips to increase your chance of winning.

Europa League Betting Tips
Many people in sports betting do like to play things safe to start with though by opting for betting on the winners of the match. With the right Europa League betting tips, this should be easy! When you are interested in Europa League betting then it is wise enough to have handy information about the latest news and happenings in the Europa League.
You may not realize it but these pieces of writing tend to be packed to the brim with tips. This will include details of past wins, statistics, any injuries, and who the top scorers for each team are. By being able to decipher this information, you will have a chance of boosting your win rate with Europa League betting predictions; hopefully getting some decent odds before other people cotton on to the information that you are privy to.
Like any other league, Europa League football betting includes a wide variety of options and the safest of them all is to predict the match winner. This betting category happens to be so because of the historical statistics at our disposal. Most of the bets predicted in this category will eventually turn out to be safe bets since unlike champions league, Europa league has clear favorites throughout the tournament. However, there are also other interesting betting options available that concentrates on the profitability giving due importance to the risk aspect as well.
Some bettors will even have a little bit of a punt at the first goal scorer, or even the time of the first goal but these can give harsh results if you’re not well acquainted with the recent happenings in football world. These markets are a bit more difficult to get right of course. However, they tend to boast better Europa League odds and thus are riskier. This means you have a far better chance of making some decent profit.
After deciding your cash flow, choose the best suited bet type among the many available. As discussed earlier, the under over category and the result 3-way category have been proved to be the best betting options available in any phase of the tournament as per the betting statistics. Even if these two types show dominance in Europa League betting tips, you can also make your bets with the other betting types, which are relatively more profitable.

The tipsters in the Betting runner community offer the best betting predictions and tips for all the Europa League fixtures and these insights can help in choosing the most suitable bet of the total betting options available. After an in-depth analysis of all the relevant information, these tipsters predict their Europa League betting tips. This will lead to a boosted win rate and thus a bit more money in your pocket.
Whether you are planning on betting for the winner of the Europa League Final or the top goal scorer they have you covered. Subscribe to the best football tipsters in the Tipster Ranking for an affordable rate and win more money with Europa League betting.

About the UEFA Europa League
Europa League, previously UEFA Cup, is an annual football competition between the qualified European football clubs. 48 teams, plus eight teams from the Champions League that finished third in their respective group enter the tournament. Like in any other tournament, there can only be one winner and the winner is almost impossible to predict during the early stages due to the rules of the tournament. The entry rules mean that the teams that enter the UEFA Europa League tend to change a lot each year.
On one end of the spectrum, you will have top teams in nations who have been knocked out of the Champions League; on the other end, you will have teams that have won a small cup in their home country who have never entered a tournament of this ilk before. It is the latter, who tend to put up quite a big fight. This can make sports betting during the early stages difficult unless you have a decent knowledge of the happenings in the top European football leagues. But fear not, the Bettingrunner tipsters’ community can come to the rescue.

Past Europa League Statistics

  • Sevilla holds the record for most number of champions title wins, 5 titles but there is more than a certain decisive edge for English, Spanish, German or Italian teams to win the title more than any other country’s club.
  • The teams that get demoted to Europa League from Champions League have had a better winning rate when compared to other teams, in general.
  • Winners in the last 9 years are Sevilla (2014, 2015, 2016), Atletico Madrid (2010, 2012), Chelsea (2013), Shakhtar Donetsk (2009), Porto (2011), and Manchester United (2017).
  • Teams from Italy (9) and Spain (10) have won the most competitions.
  • As the games are played on Thursdays, the home team tends to have a better win percentage.
  • Benfica holds the record for most losses in the finals.
  • The teams are everchanging every season and all the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals tend to involve a lot of goals as per historical statistics in recent years.

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